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A brief guide to bike security from motorcycle insurance specialist Bikesure. There are loads of different locks and security systems on the market and some cost a fortune.  But bike theft is a huge issue and bikers need to make their rides secure.  So what’s the best security solution for your motorcycle?

Locks, chains and ground anchors

Big, secure locks and chains are a highly visual deterrent, which is good.  The downside is they’re bulky and heavy, so they’re not easy to transport.  However, avoid carrying them in a backpack.  As well as being a pain to carry, they’ll affect the ride balance.  Worse, if there’s an accident they can cause a nasty injury.  If carrying them is a problem, consider using them when the bike’s at home and disc locks when it’s out and about.   If possible, get a ground anchor installed at home to connect them to. Check out Almax Security Chains for some top products.

Disc locks

They’re handy and effective.  However, they’re a less visible deterrent – so much so that one issue is remembering to unlock them before trying to drive off.  The solution to that is to buy disc locks with a handle bar cable – they’re both an added deterrent and a useful reminder the bike’s still locked up.

Alarms, immobilisers and trackers

Alarms and immobilisers are not a visible deterrent but they are effective and easy to live with – provided they don’t go off at the wrong time.  Trackers, which enable your bike to be traced if it’s stolen, are similarly invisible and convenient.  If you select an electronic security device, make sure to use a professional to fit them.  Gap Security offers a wide range of approved products.


Unless it’s a back-up for one of the above, this is probably the worst possible solution.  People can invest thousands in a CCTV systems, then some scallywag pops on a £1.99 balaclava and they can have the bike away before anyone can react.

Safe as houses?

Don’t imagine the bike’s safe once it’s home – most bikes get stolen while they’re sitting outside the owner’s house.  That’s where it gets seen by thieves, night and day.  If a garage is an option, use it.  Whatever, make sure the bike is always left secure.

More info: check out the Thatcham site ( for information about security.  These are the guys that do research into how effective vehicle alarms are.

Sold Secure was set up to assess security products and their site,, has loads more info and a catalogue of approved products to download.

Let us know about your best ways to secure your motorbike in the comments below.

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