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Isle of Man TT

Motorcycle Insurance

20 Feb 2017

Seven of the country’s best motorcycle festivals

There’s nothing quite like the heady aromas of petrol vapour and burning rubber to signal the start of the motorcycle festival season. We may still be in the frosty days of winter, but it’s never too early to start planning your spring and summer getaways. So to get you in the mood, we’ve selected seven… Read more »

bmw electric concept motorbike


17 Feb 2017

Complete guide to the electric motorbike

Electric vehicles have long been a staple of science fiction, and have been hyped as being the next big thing for years. You may be surprised to learn that the first patent for an electric motorcycle was issued in the 1890s, but it’s only recently that technology has begun catching up with the dream. With… Read more »

winter motorbike

Motorcycle Insurance

09 Feb 2017

Winter warmers to help motorcyclists beat a cold snap

You don’t need a Met Office weather warning to realise we haven’t yet seen the last of this winter’s sub-zero temperatures. Wintertime is a notoriously bad season for bikers. The roads can be slippery and the days are short and dark; it’s even worse when it’s brass monkey weather. If you are not fully prepared,… Read more »

Neco Abruzzi


06 Feb 2017

The Chinese scooters with retro mod style

To the purists, nothing will ever topple the mighty Vespa and Lambretta – the original and enduring scooters of choice for style-conscious mods. And while that’s unlikely to change any time soon, the steep rise in classic scooter prices, the relatively high cost of a new Vespa, and the launch of an all-new Lambretta still… Read more »

AJS Cadwell cafe racer


01 Feb 2017

The Chinese motorcycle with a rich British heritage

“Are Chinese motorcycles any good” is a phrase so often Googled the search engine suggests it after typing just the first two words. It’s a subject that’s bound to provoke strong views on both sides of the argument, some more informed than others, and we recently took a look at some of the best 125cc… Read more »