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Motorcycle Insurance

18 Oct 2017

The Bikesure guide to not having your bike stolen

Unless you’ve been studiously avoiding the news recently (and who can blame you for that, quite frankly) you’ll have heard about the unprecedented motorcycle crime wave affecting many of the UK’s cities, especially London. The last few years have seen increasing numbers of gangs using scooters to rob and attack pedestrians and other road users…. Read more »

Motorcycle Insurance

18 Oct 2017

Best Road legal quads and ATVs

Quad bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years for road use as people become more adventurous in their transport choices, picking rides originally designed as off-road utility or sports vehicles. If you’re looking for something a little bit different to get you about, then it may be the perfect solution. With so much interest,… Read more »



17 Oct 2017

A Triumph: John Young’s obscure classic motorcycles

Tell us about yourself… I’m from a biking family. I bought my first motorcycle, a Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA) Bantam, in 1977 at the age of 17, and then quickly progressed onto a 350cc Triumph. My first Triumph Trident was a second hand 1976 T150V. I covered many miles on that bike until studies,… Read more »

motorcycle tracker


12 Oct 2017

Bike thefts soar but motorcycle tracker firm reports best ever year

Bike crime is soaring but there is good news for bikers as motorcycle tracker company BikeTrac has recorded its most successful summer of recoveries. So far this year, 248 BikeTrac-fitted motorcycles have been stolen, and the company says almost 90 per cent (220) were safely recovered. BikeTrac’s Sales & Marketing Director Bill Taylor said: “Summer… Read more »

motorbike trickle charger


09 Oct 2017

Tips on choosing a trickle charger for your laid-up motorbike

It’s well worth investing in a trickle charger if your are planning to lay up your motorbike for the winter. The battery is one element that needs regular attention and if it is left to completely discharge while the bike is in storage  it won’t charge up as effectively when you are ready to hit… Read more »