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Man riding an e-scooter


19 Oct 2020

Everything you ever wanted to know about e-scooters

Electric scooters, motorcycles and moped are becoming an increasingly popular mode of transport, especially because the coronavirus situation has forced some people to consider private transport, and the 2030 ban on petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles is drawing closer. If you’re looking for more information before you take the plunge and buy an electric scooter,… Read more »


07 Oct 2020

Everything you need to know about motorbike number plates

Whether you want to personalise your number plate or are hoping to invest in a new bike, it’s important to know the laws around your motorcycle registration plate. Different size and colour plates on the roads in the UK can cause confusion around what is and isn’t legal. Let’s set the record straight with our… Read more »

euro tourer


06 Oct 2020

10 best motorbikes for a European road trip

There’s nothing quite like the excitement and anticipation when a group of friends pack up their motorbikes for a European road trip.  But what would you like to be riding on your grand tour, a Harley-Davidson or a Honda Goldwing, a Ducati Multistrada or an Indian Roadmaster? Here the team at Bikesure compare the best… Read more »


01 Oct 2020

Moped and Scooter Commuting Index (London)

In this article, we reveal the best London boroughs for commuting via moped or scooter and share the benefits of moped travel, from convenience to journey time. Despite lockdown easing across the UK, social distancing remains a top priority for many people, as the nation works hard to defeat COVID-19. With offices and other workplaces… Read more »

motorbike in europe


29 Sep 2020

Do you need a Green Card for your motorbike in Europe?

The Bikesure team clarify some of the uncertainties left by the Government’s faltering Brexit negotiations by answering all your questions about Green Cards and whether you will need a Green Card to ride your motorbike in Europe. What is a Green Card? Green Cards are International Motor Insurance Certificates (IMICs) issued by insurers, guaranteeing that… Read more »