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Artisan EV1200 scooter

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21 Jul 2016

The 2016 guide to electric scooters

Are electric scooters about to replace their petrol-driven counterparts as the dominant two-wheeled force on our roads? Improvements in battery technology in recent years have seen electric scooters increasingly become real contenders as an economical, environmentally-friendly option. While motorists still largely shy away from pricey electric cars because of range anxiety, scooters are increasingly seen… Read more »

Guy Martin Dirt Quake V

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21 Jul 2016

Dirt Quake V in pictures with Carl Fogarty and Guy Martin

Where else could you see Marge Simpson, a Bay City Roller and motorcycle racing legends Carl Fogarty and Guy Martin competing on the same track? Dirt Quake V,  sponsored by Bikesure and held each year at the Adrian Flux Arena, featured the usual madcap combination of star names, riders in fancy dress and incredible stunts… Read more »

Chris Wiggins Hooligan Dirt Quake USA


08 Jul 2016

Top American Hooligan racer for Dirt Quake V

King’s Lynn’s booming Dirt Quake motorbike festival is set to welcome one of America’s top flat track racers next weekend. Californian Chris Wiggins is a leading exponent of Hooligan racing, where riders race big heavy bikes at hair-raising speeds round an oval dirt track. The Hooligan class winner at Dirt Quake USA in June at… Read more »

Lambretta custom paint

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27 Jun 2016

The art of scooters

It takes a certain amount of chutzpah to enter a couple of Lambrettas into a show full of Harleys and choppers run by the Hell’s Angels. But not only did Rob Johnson brave the scooterists’ traditional enemy territory, he came away with a trophy for the best custom paint job and praise ringing in his… Read more »

Sideburn Dirt Quake Win this Mutt

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22 Jun 2016

Buy a ticket online for Dirt Quake and win a super-cool motorbike

Book a ticket online for the craziest weekend of bike racing in the UK, and win this super-cool special edition motorbike built by the geniuses at Mutt Motorcycles. The Bikesure-sponsored Dirt Quake V, at the Adrian Flux Arena on July 15 and 16, is the UK’s annual celebration of alternative dirt-track motorcycle racing, this year… Read more »