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Bikesure’s Top 7 Harley-Davidson Resources


For many of us, there’s something indisputably appealing about a Harley-Davidson. Shooting down an endless highway straight into the sunset – what else would you ride? There are plenty of websites out there dedicated to Harley-Davidson news, events and updates. Bikesure takes a quick look at some of them.

  1. The Official Harley Davidson Website has a Great Britain section and is naturally, for many, the first pit-stop when researching the legendary bikes and the company behind them. It is the most general of the sites listed, but it is also very extensive, with a variety of different pages, from Rent-A-Harley to information on museums and custom bikes.
  2. As well as selling an extensive range of the motorcycles online, is a definitive hub for Harley users, admirers and those interested in finding out more about them. Its News / Events page is regularly updated. It also offers a generous helping of competitions dished out over the course of each year, as varied as an all-expenses paid trip to the States riding the legendary Route 66, or simply a free t-shirt. While you can shop for Harleys using Black Bear’s online store, you may wish to pop along to its showroom in Newmarket, Suffolk, to meet the team and test drive one for yourself.
  3. says it “offers the best support to seasoned Harley-Davidson bike riders and assistance to those who are new to the … brand legend”. Not only does the site sell new, customised and premium used bikes, it regularly posts Harley stories and news, as well as hosting its own events. Based in Essex, typical happenings involve food, live music, car displays and Harley-Davidson games.shutterstock_193354382
  4. Sussex-based company also boasts an extensive news and events page for Harley enthusiasts and newcomers, with some generous offers. For just shy of £8000, Shaw teaches customers to ride a Harley and sells them a brand new one. The company even offers a free trial session.
  5. Norwich, Newcastle, Southampton and Edinburgh are just some of many other cities and areas across the UK with similar Harley Davidson distributors with strong online presence, listing their own events and news. Wherever you are in the UK, chances are you’ll find a Harley Hub nearby – just google
  6. is the online home to the Harley Davidson Riders Club of Great Britain (HDRCGB). Packed full of forums used by other riders all over the country, it’s a useful place to be a member both for new owners and old timers. You can join the club online by clicking here.
  7. For more general Harley Davidson news and information you should also try The site features a useful Motorcycle Search tool allowing you to narrow down your desired Harley to not only its specific model but also your price-range.



Bikesure supporting King’s Lynn mods and rockers day

MOD-ScooterOn Sunday August 9th, our local town of King’s Lynn, Norfolk, will play host to one of the biggest gatherings of mods and rockers since their heyday in the 1960s.

Bikers and music fans from across the country will descend on the town for a whole day of motorbike-ogling, live music, competitions and family fun, as the two tribes face off again decades after their famous feuds in a bid to raise money for the SERV Blood Bike charity.

Taking place from 10am to 4pm, exhibitors and spectators will be invited to judge a range of bike shows, from Best Motorbike and Best Scooter, through to Best Custom Bike and People’s Choice. There will also be a Best Dressed Mod and Rocker competition too, giving attendees the chance to fully get into character and costume. 

The two rival groups will also get the opportunity to go head to head to settle their grudges on racing simulators to try and clock the best track times of the day.

Live music will be provided by rock ‘n’ roll band Mind the Gap, with punk-inspired group The Yesterdays joining forces with The Extons to reproduce the sounds of the era and add a festival feel to the event.

Gerry Bucke, general manager at Bikesure, the sponsor of the event, said: “The SERV Blood Bike charity provides invaluable help to the biker community across the country, so we’re delighted to get the chance to help raise some money for them.

“There’s a fantastic programme of events in store for August 9th, so we’re hoping for a big turnout and the chance to check out some of the best bikes from that era and meet some true mods and rockers.”

Busy-Bee-rockersCllr Elizabeth Nockolds, Cabinet Member at West Norfolk Borough Council, which has organised the event, said: “Following the success of King’s Lynn’s Classic Car Day, we thought it would be nice to create an event exclusively for motorbikes and scooters.

“The calendar of free events is all about adding to the vibrancy of the town centre and encouraging visitors, and if the launch event was anything to go by, the Mods and Rockers event is certainly going to do that!”

The event is free to visitors, with voluntary donations being collected on the day for SERV. Anyone can attend, but you will need to book a place to display your bike or enter the shows – click here to register.


The Hidden Danger of Dehydration – Don’t Let it Ruin Your Ride!

With the UK in the midst of a heatwave / warm summer where temperatures are reaching the very high twenties and low thirties, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to help bikers make the most of it. Many will head off at a moment’s notice when the sun comes out, and why not? You’ve got to make hay while the sun shines. Especially in the usually wet-windy-rainy UK.

While that’s true, it’s also important to remember that the sun and heat can be a danger. As much as we all might like to jump on our bikes and dart off to the coast and dip our toes in the sea, it’s important to realise the risks we might be taking if we don’t keep ourselves properly hydrated before, during and after our ride. Some recent research has found that driving while dehydrated has the same effect as drink driving.

Dr Phil Watson – Free University, Brussels – says “The research has shown us the impact dehydration can have on our ability to control a vehicle, whether that’s a car, lorry or motorbike. It revealed the number of mistakes we make doubles when we’re dehydrated, the same margin of error as people who are at the drink driving limit – 0.08% blood-alcohol in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

Jane Holdsworth, Director of the European Hydration Institute (EHI), adds “Anecdotal evidence suggests that many drivers avoid drinking on long journeys to minimise bathroom stops, yet we know that even mild dehydration can cause symptoms such as headache, tiredness and lethargy.”

Darting out on a whim when the sun comes out might seem spontaneous and exciting, but riding while dehydrated is going to diminish your ability to control your bike and stay safe.


What is dehydration?

We become dehydrated when our bodies lose more water than they take in. This disrupts the balance of minerals (sugars and salts) in our bodies and affects how we function. Any reduction in our physical or mental capacity will naturally affect how well we’re able to ride and increase the chance of making a mistake or losing control.

Dehydration comes in three forms: mild, moderate and severe. The risk of accidents aside, avoiding and tackling any form of dehydration is always important because, if untreated, it can lead to much more serious and dangerous conditions like heat exhaustion and heatstroke.


Common signs of mild or moderate dehydration include:

1. Thirst
2. Dry mouth, lips and eyes
3. Dark urine or strong smelling urine
4. Passing urine less than three or four times a day
5. Headaches, dizziness
6. Lack of energy
7. Feeling lightheaded
8. Loss of strength and stamina

These symptoms can easily be reversed by taking fluids and resting in a cool, shaded place as soon as you become aware of them.

Severe dehydration – an emergency condition that needs immediate hospital treatment – can have these additional symptoms:

1. Feeling unusually tired or confused, especially when you think you’re dehydrated
2. Dizziness when you stand up that doesn’t go away after a few seconds
3. Not passing urine for eight hours
4. A weak pulse
5. A rapid pulse
6. Fits (seizures)
7. A low level of consciousness


Related conditions
Dehydration is a main cause of heat exhaustion and can also lead to heatstroke.

Heat exhaustion results in a drop in blood pressure caused by being exposed to heat for too long. You might feel sick, faint and sweat heavily. This needs to be treated quickly by moving to a cool, shaded area and drinking more water and removing excess clothing. You should feel better in half an hour but if you don’t treat it early on it can lead to heatstroke – a very dangerous condition.

Heatstroke is also caused by overexposure to heat and results in the body’s core temperature rising to dangerous levels. If that happens, you’ll need to be treated immediately at hospital.


How to avoid and tackle dehydration

Drinking plenty of water regularly throughout the day is the best way to avoid dehydration because it contains no sugar or salts which can exacerbate dehydration or cause other complications. After water, natural fruit juices and organic smoothies are the next best choice. Always read the label so you understand how much sugar and salt are in the drink, and try to avoid drinks with lots of sugar or caffeine because these can lead to other health problems.

It goes without saying, not riding during the hottest part of the day is an easy way to avoid dehydration too. When exactly that time is can vary according to the weather conditions on any given day and the country you’re riding in.

Planning your route and stops, and taking water with you will definitely help you make the most of the summer. You’ll be able to regulate your food and water intake, use a proper toilet, and enjoy your ride without worrying about how dehydration could ruin your chances of a nice day out.

NHS Choices add “Heat exhaustion and heatstroke can often be prevented by taking sensible precautions when it’s very hot. During the summer, check for heatwave warnings, so you’re aware when there’s a potential danger. The government uses a system called Heat-Health Watch to warn people about the chances of a heatwave. This is a system of four different warning levels based on the expected temperature.”

But don’t be fooled by the temperature though, you can still be dehydrated in cold weather if you haven’t drunk enough fluids. Thankfully, whatever the weather, limiting the effects of dehydration is easy. We just have to drink enough water regularly throughout the day!



● Water is best because it has no added sugar or salts
● Water keeps your joints and eyes lubricated
● Water maintains your strength and stamina

All essential for healthy living and healthy riding!


Dehydration Infographic

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