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02 Jul 2020

A look at alternative non-electric fuels for motorcycles

While electric motorcycles are increasingly viable, the dream of alternative fuels that are safer and cheaper than petrol continues. But will any work? Bikesure takes a look at some possible future fuels. You’ll have doubtless heard the stories that the mysterious they who control these things are suppressing knowledge of an engine that runs on… Read more »


29 Jun 2020

Which motorcycle suits you best?

Whether it’s built for speed, comfort, commuting or care-free cruising there is a huge variety of machines available to Britain’s wannabe-bikers – but which motorcycle suits you best?  According to the most recent National Travel Survey there were 1.11 million licensed motorcycles in England. And, on average, each biker made 440 trips clocking up almost… Read more »

Carl Fogarty


18 Jun 2020

Carl Fogarty in lockdown: ‘I know how lucky I am’

Like the rest of us, the self-confessed born-again-biker Carl Fogarty is itching for the end of lockdown when he can climb on his bike to ride wherever he wants to go, to meet whoever he wants and for whatever reason. But what has the coronavirus lockdown been like the four-times Superbike World Champion and former… Read more »

British Motorcycle Champions


11 Jun 2020

Bikesure’s British motorcycle champions

We boast an embarrassment of riches when it comes to truly great British motorcycle champions, men and women who have ridden their machines that little bit harder, that little bit faster, to shave seconds from lap records and win more races than the rest of the field.  The team at Bikesure have checked the records… Read more »


02 Jun 2020

What is CAZ? UK Clean Air Zones Explained

As the UK aims to reduce its air pollution, the government has introduced Clean Air Zones (CAZ) to restrict high-emission vehicles’ movement in cities. In this article, we will explain what these zones are, where they are implemented, and how they work. What is CAZ? CAZ stands for Clean Air Zones. The UK has introduced… Read more »