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Motorcycle Insurance

21 Dec 2016

A brief history of superbikes

It’s nearly 50 years since the modern superbike was created. These are bikes optimised for road racing, with engines of 1000cc capacity, or thereabouts. Aside from going really fast they’re designed as demonstrations of technical prowess, hoping to win not just races but the hearts and minds of riders who want to catch a piece… Read more »

Motorcycle Insurance

26 Nov 2016

The Bikesure Guide For Young Motorbike Riders

When you’re just starting out, the motorcycling world can be a little overwhelming. From choosing and buying your first bike and getting it insured, to knowing what gear to wear and how to stay safe on the roads, there’s a lot to learn in a short amount of time. To help new scooter riders and… Read more »

motorbike safety


16 Nov 2016

How to secure your motorbike from thieves

Motorcycle theft is on the rise. A Home Office report earlier this year stated that between 2012 and 2014, motorcycle theft in London alone had increased by 44pc. This trend is also echoed in other parts of the country. Police in Edinburgh, for example, have launched an operation dedicated to tackling the issue, as well… Read more »


24 Oct 2016

A brief history of custom motorcycles

Biking, at least according to the usual boilerplate, is all about freedom and individuality. Obviously this isn’t entirely true, otherwise there wouldn’t be clubs where everyone owns the same make of bike, but it is still an important factor in their appeal. Nevertheless, the urge to stamp your identity onto your bike is strong, and… Read more »

Ducati customised by Old Empire Motorcycles

Motorcycle Insurance

03 Oct 2016

Racing legends Foggy and Schlein join Bikesure at Motorcycle Live

They may ride totally different bikes on contrasting tracks, but Carl Fogarty and Rory Schlein have one thing in common – a dedication to winning. And visitors to Bikesure’s stand at Motorcycle Live will have the chance to chat to four-time World Superbike champion Foggy and Elite League speedway star Schlein on Wednesday, November 23…. Read more »