7 of the best motorcycle disc locks

Whether you bought it new or second-hand, your motorcycle is a significant investment – maybe an essential item, certainly a sentimental one. This is why it’s so important you are able to walk away from your parked bike knowing that it’s safe from would-be thieves.

Motorcycle disc locks are just one way of securing your bike – immobilising the vehicle or at least making it very hard to move. In this article, we review some of the best portable security devices  and alarms available on the market.

What is a disc lock, exactly?

A motorcycle disc lock works by passing a pin through the brake disc and securing it in place with a lock and key. They are sometimes referred to as a motorcycle wheel lock, as the wheel is prevented from moving forward or backwards.

Disc locks are a reliable motorcycle security system. They’re simple to use, yet incredibly hard to break. Some models even come fitted with an alarm.

If that wasn’t enough, disc locks can also save you money on insurance. Many providers offer a discount on policies for customers that use an approved disc lock model.

What to look for in a motorcycle disc lock

Red motorcycle disc lock

There are several things you should look for in a quality disc lock, so consider the following features before you commit to a purchase.

The best disc locks:

  • Are made of steel or a steel alloy. These metals are strong and do not rust, making the lock durable. Try to avoid using cast zinc disc locks 
  • Come with multiple keys – to keep at home, work or another location you frequently visit (for those occasions when you forget to carry a key with you)
  • Come with a carry case – to protect your disc lock while in transit or storage
  • Are brightly coloured and serve as a visual reminder to remove the lock before trying to ride off (you won’t make it far if you do)
  • Have an alarm that sounds when it is tampered with

The best motorcycle disc locks

So in light of everything, what’s the best disc lock for a motorcycle? Take a look at some of our favourites on the market today.

1. Xena XX10 disc lock

This stainless steel disc lock appears sleek and unassuming, but don’t be fooled; it’s a highly robust security device. The 10mm pin is reinforced with carbide – a strong compound used in industrial machinery – earning it a place on this list.

The XX10 has shock and movement sensors that trigger an alarm if tampered with, although some note that the sensitivity is very high and can cause false alarms. However, the alarm itself can be replaced, making the product long-lasting and great value for money.

The bottom line is that the lock is both effective and easy to use, making it a favourite among many bike owners.

Key features

The most impressive feature of this lock is the built-in alarm, capable of reaching the maximum volume of a thunderclap or a chainsaw – an ear-splitting 120dB. In addition, the alarm resets after locking, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting it.

Main benefits

With its high-strength double-locking mechanism, the Xena really lives up to its name. This warrior disc lock is also ice spray-proof, which means that it can resist freeze attacks (where a criminal freezes the lock to make it brittle before striking the device).

2. ABUS GRANIT™ Quick 37/60 Maxi + Mini

The best things come in small packages, so the saying goes, and this is certainly the case with the GRANIT Maxi + Mini. If you want a small, simple lock from a trusted brand then this disc lock could be the one for you.

It  is available in several variants and each comes in classic yellow and black. The Mini is shorter and more compact than the original, which is partially the reason we’ve included it here. The padlock is 11mm (or 13mm if you choose the Pro version) giving the shackle super-strength despite its diminutive size.

The ABUS Plus cylinder locking mechanism offers protection against picking, while the whole device is manufactured from hardened steel.

Key features

The GRANIT disc lock has rubber inlays, making it easy to grip and use. It comes with two keys, one with an LED light, which can come in very handy during the winter months or when you’re travelling after dark. And as with all ABUS locks, the Maxi + Mini comes with a code card for buying replacement keys.

Main benefits

If you need an everyday lock that’s not too bulky, then you should consider the ABUS GRANIT. Lightweight and stylish, it’s the perfect choice if you live in an area where crime rates are low. It also comes with a carry case for easy storage when it’s not in use.

3. Oxford Monster Disc Lock

Oxford Monster Disc Lock

When asked to think of brands related to motorbike security, it’s likely that Oxford is one that comes to mind. The shackle on the Monster Disc Lock comes in at 11mm and is made from Ni-Cr-Mo (nickel-chromium molybdenum) steel, known for being hard-wearing.

Altogether the disc lock weighs just over 900g, making it one of the heaviest options on our list. However, this also works to its advantage, as it’s a clear sign of the lock’s fortress-like design.

Unlike some of the other disc locks we’ve listed, the Monster also includes a reminder coil that can be easily looped between the handlebars. This acts as a reminder not to ride off with your disc lock on, although you wouldn’t get far if you did give it a try.

Key features

The Oxford Monster comes with three keys – which are easily replaceable if you keep a record of the identifier – and a carry case. The lock can be purchased in bright yellow, a stark warning sign to would-be criminals that the bike is hard to steal, or in black for those preferring something more understated.

Main benefits

Thatcham-approved and Sold Secure-accredited, the Monster Disc Lock is a heavy-duty device suitable for those that are serious about motorbike security. As a padlock-style disc lock, the Monster can also be used with security chains – an added bonus.

4. JDC Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm Jaws

JDC’s Jaws disc lock is a top security device with lots to offer. The sturdy design has a push-down 7mm locking pin made of tough steel, protecting your pride and joy against theft.

It comes with a built-in alarm that sounds after an initial warning beep if there is movement but no key. The alarm is about 110dB, which is equivalent to a car horn sounding when you’re standing next to the car – or to being at a rock concert. Deactivating the alarm is simple: just insert the key and unlock the device.

Key features

The jaws comes with three keys and an Allen key, as well as replacement batteries for the alarm. The alarm self-activates 15 seconds after locking, helpfully confirmed with a beep so that you know if there’s an issue. For this reason, it’s perhaps one of the best alarmed disc locks on the market.

Main benefits

The disc lock is bigger than some of the models listed here, but is just as quick and easy to use. Owners say it’s great value for money and some say they’ve even bought two – one for the front and one for the back brakes.

5. Mammoth Micro Disc Lock

If you’re strapped for cash, the Mammoth Micro Disc Lock is a budget option with plenty to offer. While the pin is only 6mm, this hardened steel device is still a formidable defender against criminals.

The Micro reviews well. Bike owners who have purchased the product comment on how handy it is to chuck in a pocket or use while travelling. It comes with two keys and the bold yellow colour acts as a deterrent – potential thieves will spot the device from far away and think better than to try to steal your bike.

Key features

Although the lock may not stand up to the more hardened or determined of criminals, it’s strong and easy to use. It’s also Thatcham-approved, meaning it’s one of the most highly-regarded disc locks available.

Main benefits

This compact disc lock is a great option for quick trips or as a second lock – an extra layer of security on top of a more heavy-duty security chain. Cheap and light, it’s a worthy addition to our list.

6. ABUS GRANIT™ Detecto XPlus 8008

If your motorbike is very valuable, you’ll want a disc lock like the Detecto to keep it safe and secure. With its simple brushed metal design, the lock is made from hardened steel and boasts a 16mm steel shackle. It comes with an in-built alarm that detects even the smallest movements.

Anyone purchasing the device will benefit from a protective carry case, which fits under most bike seats. There are also two keys – one with an LED light. While its slightly bulky (weighing in at a hefty 798g), it’s not the heaviest model in our guide.

Key features

The alarm is 100dB – about as loud as a jackhammer. While this isn’t as loud as some other disc lock alarms, it will still give the potential thief a nasty shock. Plus, the device has different sounds for activation and low battery, so you always know what it’s trying to tell you.

Main benefits

The Detecto is an ideal option for the ultimate bike security. It’s Thatcham-approved, meaning that it may get you a discount on your motorbike insurance premium with certain providers. It also utilises the ABUS X-plus cylinder for ultimate protection.

7. Oxford Alpha XA14 alarmed disc lock

Oxford Alpha XA14 disc lock

A lot of motorcycle disc locks now are rather heavy and chunky, so much so that they’re becoming hard to carry around. The Oxford Alpha XA14 though is easily portable due to its weight and size. It is superbly compact, whilst maintaining top-level protection for your bike.

The lock has a pin of 14mm, these compact dimensions mean it’s easy to slide into place even if you own a sports bike that has limited distance between the brake discs and the wheel rim.

Sold Secure, a company which stress tests security products and grades them, have rated this Oxford disc lock Gold, their second-highest tier of protection, which means that the lock offers theft resistance against dedicated attacks.

Key features

The alarm is 100dB – which is an uncomfortably loud siren for anyone who tries to tamper with your bike. The lock can also be secured with the alarm disabled, if you choose to do so. It also comes with a rechargeable battery which is powered through a USB lead.   

Main benefits

The Oxford Alpha is a superb lock that is super portable compared to others on this list. It also fits a wide variety of bikes, which is perfect for those riders who have a variety locked away in their garage. 

Protect your most prized possession from thieves

We have highlighted seven of the best disc locks available on the market, with something to suit every need and budget. Whichever device you choose, make sure you use secure parking facilities where possible and keep your engine key separate from your disc lock key.

Also try to get in the habit of using the lock whenever your bike is stopped, even in your own garage! This practice means you’re less likely to forget when it really matters.

Layering up on motorcycle security is always advisable, read our guides to the best motorbike chains and trackers

Motorcycle insurance you can trust

Of course, insurance is another essential way to protect you and your bike against crime. At Bikesure, we offer tailored motorbike insurance policies. For a swift no obligation quote call 0800 369 8580 or arrange a callback at a time that’s more convenient for you.

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