5 of the best motorcycle alarms to protect your bike

Whether you’ve just passed your test or have been riding for years, anyone with a motorbike needs an alarm they can rely on. As alarms can help prevent the theft of your bike, some insurers require you use them when locking your vehicle. Otherwise, the use of an alarm may help drop the price of your motorcycle insurance.

All the security alarms featured in our list are Thatcham approved, the most esteemed standard for vehicle security. Thatcham offers numerous security categories for motorcycles – all of the devices in this list fall under ‘Category 1: Alarm and Immobiliser’ or ‘Category 2-1: Alarm Upgrade’. All Thatcham approved alarms must be professionally fitted to ensure correct installation.

Read this list to find out which is the most suitable alarm for you and your motorcycle, from features to price points.

Gemini 7854T

The Gemini 7854T features ignition detection, LED status indicator and digital inclination detection built in. Installed with a high power piezo battery back-up siren, the device offers ultimate security. Available at around £150, the alarm offers a lot for a relatively low price.

The alarm can be programmed with an audible warning when arming or disarming it, a passive arming option, automatic rearming and a panic alarm – helping deter potential thieves and scare anyone who attempts to take your vehicle. The device also comes with two waterproof remote controls.

This Thatcham-approved device can also be used as a Category 2-1 alarm upgrade when your motorbike is fitted with a Category 2 Immobiliser.


  • Good value for money
  • Helps prevent thefts


  • Not as high-tech as some of the other options

Pandora Smart Moto

Pandora Smart Moto
Image source: Pandora website

The Pandora Smart Moto sells for £1,250. However, for the price, the user is offered a technology-driven security system for their motorbike. The device can be connected to an app that combines your vehicle, telemetry system and smartphone or smartwatch into a single platform. 

The device uses GPS to determine where your motorcycle is, using automatic date and time synchronisation and tracking. This offers more than just security, providing you information about mileage, travel time and maximum speeds.

The technology enables you to automatically start and stop your vehicle’s engine, as well as receive alarm and service notifications. The device uses a radio interface, dynamic dialogue AES encryption and 3D accelerometer and elaborate algorithms. The rechargeable battery also makes the device more sustainable.


  • Offers more than security
  • Can connect to your smart device


  • Relatively expensive

Datatool Stealth S5

The Datatool Stealth S5 rather fancily protects your bike against any unauthorised movement. The Stealth S5 has been developed specifically for the harsh terrains that ATVs and bikes have to withstand. 

Datatool Stealth is a cutting edge tracking device that provides you with the knowledge that your bike is protected no matter which bike it is – whether it’s a top of the range sports bike or it’s your first bike.

It also comes with 24/7 theft monitoring by Datatool’s dedicated UK based monitoring team using 4G superior tracking abilities and is protected against key cloning. All for the price of £359, which is on the lower end of the scale on this list. 


  • Popular brand
  • Good customer service
  • Waterproof 


  • High price range

Datatool Evo

Image source: Datatool website

As well as its Stealth S5 offering, Datatool’s Evo is an easy to fit alarm with a sophisticated movement sensor. Designed for motorcycles and scooters with a 12V battery, the Evo constantly monitors for signs of unauthorised movement, just like the Stealth S5, triggering a loud integrated siren triggers when movement exceeds the permitted level, which you can customise according to your preference.

It also rather handily monitors your bike’s battery voltage so you know if the engine has been started by potential thieves. The Evo also alerts you when your battery is running low.

And unlike some motorcycle alarms, the LED is a plug-in, meaning you will not need to solder the alarm to fit your bike.


  • Offers some of the great features of the Datatool S5
  • An affordable price between £114.50 and £124.95


  • The sensitivity of the alarm may not suit every rider 

Meta Def.com T

The Def.com T is one of the cheapest alarms on the list, costing only £199.99. This product features in Thatcham’s 2-1 category as an alarm upgrade that reaches ‘Category 1’ security. 

Manufactured by Vestatec Distribution, it upgrades a vehicle’s immobiliser – offering perimeter, ignition and passenger compartment detection.

The alarm uses an audible warning and a hazardous flash. The device also has a back-up power warning, which reaches volumes of 100dB. It features two micro transmitters and an individual PIN code for overriding the device in the event of loss or damage. 

The movement sensor can be excluded, and the up-to five-day sleep mode is ideal for transporting your motorbike.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Reaches volumes up to 100dB


  • Must be used in combination with a Category 2 immobiliser

How can I protect my motorcycle from thieves?  

Here at Bikesure, we have created a whole series of motorcycle security guides to help you keep your beloved bike safe. As well as the best of motorcycle alarms, we’ve also created guides for the best motorcycle security chains, disc locks and motorcycle trackers on the market.

Where can I get quality motorcycle insurance?

If you’ve fitted a Thatcham-approved motorcycle alarm, we can offer discounts on your motorcycle insurance. Call us on 0800 369 8580 for a quote.

Learn more about Bikesure’s competitive motorbike insurance policies and discover what we can do to help protect your pride and joy.

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August 8, 2023