Author: Jasmine Batchellor

11 June 2024
Whether you want to personalise your number plate or are hoping to invest in a new bike, it’s important to know the laws around your motorcycle registration plate.
3 May 2024
In this blog, we will take a look at all the factors you need to consider when insuring your moped, plus how the price may also be affected.
17 April 2024
From the Bullit Hero 125 to Lexmoto’s bargain priced ZSB, Assault and Isca models, we explore the best Chinese 125cc motorcycles to look out for.
16 April 2024
We explore the costs involved with owning a motorcycle in London compared to a car as 57% of London's motorists would consider trading their car for a bike because of ULEZ.
4 March 2024
Thinking about going electric? In this blog, we explore the world of electric scooters and mopeds and tell you about our favourite road-legal electric models that can be bought now.
9 January 2024
The Bikesure team breaks down the costs involved with getting your motorcycle licence.
2 November 2023
Find out everything you need to know about ULEZ for motorcycles in this blog, including how much the ULEZ charge is and where the zone is.
6 September 2023
Buying the best motorcycle alarm can be a minefield. That’s why we’ve hand-selected five of the best Thatcham-approved alarms on the market.
4 September 2023
We conducted a survey to understand bikers' views on motorcycling and its positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.
14 July 2023
Find out how road users feel the August 2023 expansion of London's Ultra Low Emission Zone will impact their travel plans.

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