9 of the best motorcycle security chains

best motorcycle bike chains

We know how much a motorcycle can mean to its owner. It’s not just the financial value of the bike, but also the sentimental value – memories of tours as well as time and money spent on modifications.

It’s a horrible feeling when you become a victim of a crime, and there’s so much to sort out afterwards, from liaising with the police to insurance companies. So we know how important it is to put security at the top of your agenda.

Motorcycle chains are just one way you can improve the security of your bike. Chains reduce the risk of your bike being stolen by making it difficult to remove the bike from the location you have left it. If you focus on finding a quality product, you’ll find they are usually pretty effective – especially when combined with other motorcycle security methods such as trackers and disc locks. Even better, they can also be relatively cheap.

This article contains some of the best motorbike security chains on the market to help you find the right option for your bike.

What to look for in a motorcycle security chain

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Finding a quality security chain is straightforward when you know what to look for. There are several aspects that can increase or decrease the likelihood of the chain doing its job, including:

  • Chain length. Your security chain should ideally be as short as possible while still fitting your bike. This is because slack can make it easier for a potential thief to get bolt cutters around the links.
  • Link diameter. Try to buy a chain with a link diameter of 16mm and no less than 10mm. This thickness can prevent a would-be criminal from forcing a breakage, but remember: the larger the diameter, the heavier the product.
  • Materials. Purchase a chain that is made of a material that is resistant to rust, so you don’t have to replace it after it’s been out in a few downpours. Steel, sometimes combined with magnesium or titanium, is strong and won’t corrode.

A quality chain is one of the most reliable ways to secure your bike and is easy to use in conjunction with other forms of protection and theft deterrents. In fact, using certain motorcycle security devices can even result in a discount on your motorcycle insurance premium with certain insurance providers.

Among the best motorcycle security chains

Below we’ve provided a handy rundown of the nine best motorcycle chain locks, so that you can choose an option that suits your needs.

1. Almax Immobiliser Series V Chain

Want complete reassurance that your bike isn’t going anywhere? Then consider the Series V EXTREME from Almax. With gigantic 22m links, each weighing a hefty 1kg, the chain is hard to move, impossible to bolt-cut and resistant to sawing and leverage attacks.

It can be bought on its own or with the Squire SS80CS Stronghold Lock, made specifically to fit the chain, and/or ground anchor. The padlock is made from alloy steel and boron and comes with a protective cover to keep out the elements. The manufacturers have such confidence in this padlock that they offer a 10-year guarantee.

Key features

Almax use an electrophoretic process to plate their chains, which tests have shown to be superior to zinc plating (used by many competing brands). But undoubtedly the best feature of the Series V is the weight – 16kg or 20kg depending on length. A passing criminal will surely think again once they try shifting the mighty chain.

Main benefits

The Stronghold Lock has a 16mm shackle made from boron, an incredibly hard material, and a Mauer A440 R1 Core. This, along with the chain’s strength, make the model a formidable opponent to thieves. The lock may have a premium price tag, but it has the credentials to match.

2. BikeTrac grab bag and chain

Sleek and simple, BikeTrac’s 10mm reinforced chain is the first of its spec to be Thatcham Category 3 approved. It is available in two lengths – 1.2m and 1.4m – and comes with a host of other goodies including a grab bag and fastening strap, a ABUS disc lock with keys and key code car, lock reminder and riding gloves.

The well-manufactured security device offers peace of mind, portability and simplicity. The designs for each feature are understated and practical, suitable for anyone averse to the bold branding of certain models on the market.

Key features

Unlike some of the larger chains on our list, the BikeTrac chain is easy to pack up and take with you on your journey. It comes with a specially designed grab bag, which will easily fit onto the back of most types of bike thanks to its long strap.

Main benefits

BikeTrac states that the chain offers ‘optimum protection’ – it is resistant to angle grinders and bolt cutters. Considering the extras included in the grab bag, chain and lock combination, the price will likely seem very reasonable to bike lovers across the UK.

3. Kryptonite New York Chain and Lock

The Kryptonite New York – charmingly nicknamed ‘the Fahgettaboutit’ – is a titan. Big, bold and strong, this motorcycle chain offers maximum security against thieves. It’s made of high-treated boron manganese, an alloy-strengthened, high-end steel, and has 11mm, six-sided chain links.

Weighing a hefty 6.92kgs, some may find the lock is heavier than they prefer. At the same time, others will see it as a necessary cost of strength and security.

The chain comes in the brand’s iconic yellow and black colour palette. A protective cover made of nylon will protect your bike from scratches and the lock even has a dust cover to further extend its life.

Key features

The ‘Fahgettaboutit’ includes a double deadbolt locking mechanism and a reinforced steel sleeve. The lock also comes with three keys, including one with a light and replacement battery, making night time outings a simple affair.

The chain is 100cm and has been designed with narrow inner links to guard against leverage attacks by would-be thieves.

Main benefits

This security chain is approved to Thatcham CAT3 and Motorcycle Sold Secure Gold  standard, so you can be reassured you’re buying one of the best products on the market.

The main benefit of this lock is simply its strength. With features such as the double deadbolt and hexagonal chains, you’ll walk away from your bike feeling confident in this lock’s ability to deter criminals and hinder attempted thefts.

4. ABUS GRANIT™ Extreme Plus 59

If you have the money to splash out, you should definitely consider this premium chain and lock from ABUS. The model may not be stylish, but it’s a quality product that does a good job of deterring criminals and halting attempted thefts.

Made from hardened steel, the brand pride themselves on offering this as one of their most robust lock options. It also uses the ABUS Power Link technology, a patented mechanism that firmly secures the chain to the locking mechanism.

The chain comes in a variety of lengths to ensure you have a lock that fits well. Choose between 110cm, 140cm and 170cm versions. On all models, the chain comes with a soft fabric case to prevent scratches to your paintwork.

Key features

The padlock – also known as the ABUS XPlus Cylinder – comes with a keyhole cover that must be moved manually. This helps to extend the lifetime of the lock by reducing exposure to dirt and corrosion.

The links are six-sided, making the chain super-strong and therefore difficult to breach. The lock is also resistant to lock-picking and other tampering methods, offering further reassurance to motorcycle owners.

Main benefits

One of the main benefits of this chain and lock is the various chain length options, which mean varying weight choices.

The model also comes with two keys, one with an LED light, and an ABUS Code Card. The card allows you to cut additional or replacement keys as necessary. This extra layer of flexibility is a great added bonus.

5. OnGuard 8016(L) Beast Chain

From OnGuard’s highly-regarded ‘Beast’ series, the 8016(L) is chunky and fearsome. It comes in a fashionable black and ochre yellow to match OnGuard’s branding, and includes a protective chain cover.

At 183cm, this security chain is perfect for those wanting maximum protection for their money. Fans include those with multiple bikes to lock up at home, or riders of particularly large motorcycle models.

The brand also offers the 8016, a smaller chain at just 107cm, which comes with the same Boxer U-lock. Both chains are made from strong titanium.

Key features

The 8016(L) comes with five keys as standard, including one with a white micro-light to ensure your evenings are fumble-free. Considering the lock is a hefty 7.2kg, multiple keys make it easy to simply buy an additional chain to keep with a spare key at your work or a loved one’s house.

Main benefits

OnGuard claim the six-sided links “render hacksaws and bolt cutters virtually useless, while tight inside link dimensions make prying impossible” – offering ultimate protection. But it’s the Boxer padlock that’s the star of the show as it can be removed from the chain and used as a disc lock, making it a highly versatile product.

6. FD-MOTO 1.8m Chain and Lock

If you want heavy-duty at a cost that won’t make your eyes water, the FD-MOTO could be for you. The 10mm square steel chains are covered by an outer sleeve that will protect your bike from knocks and scratches.

At 1.8m long, the chain is sure to fit around most bikes, and the brand reassures buyers that it’s resistant to most types of force, including chisel attacks.

If you’re interested in making parking at home easier and safer, you’ll be pleased to know this chain and lock is often sold with an optional Oxford anchor.

Key features

The padlock has a double-locking mechanism for extra security and can also be used as a disc lock – a great choice for anyone that appreciates value for money.

The black and white chain cover is also a great choice for those opposed to some of the more colourful alternatives on the market.

Main benefits

While the chain is 1.8m, the product only weighs 4kg – much lighter than many of its counterparts of the same length. This makes the chain and lock easy to transport and handle, ensuring a speedy lock-up for those times you’re in a hurry.

7. Oxford HD Chain lock 

The Oxford HD’s smaller chain combination comes with a separate D-lock that can be used on its own as a disc lock. It is fitted through both ground anchors, is not heavy and is extremely easy to use. 

It offers an excellent combination of strength and convenience, and is light enough to take with you, making it perfect for small to medium motorcycles.

Key features

Unlike some motorcycle security chains, the HD lock comes with three keys and has a key replacement service, in the event you lose all of your keys over time. Its 10mm chain links are made from cro-mo grade steel and are zinc coated to prevent corrosion.

Main benefits

A big benefit of the HD lock is how much independent testing it has gone under, earning Sold Secure Motor scooter silver approval in the process. What separates this security chain from others on the market, is the fact it can double up as a disc lock.   

8. Mammoth Security Lock and Chain

The narrow links, incredible strength and reinforced locking mechanism are just reasons why the Mammoth lock and chain secured its place in our list. Made from a common steel alloy known colloquially as ‘cro-mo’, this model offers “no-nonsense security” for avid bike enthusiasts.

While the chain links are square rather than hexagonal – which can be found in some of the other models on our list – this lock stands its ground. It’s Thatcham-approved and meets the Motorcycle Sold Secure Gold standard, meaning your insurer is likely to approve (although always check before buying if you’re hoping for a reduction in your premium).

Key features

The design of this lock is bold and fun with its neon green fabric chain cover. This is a great feature as it makes the lock obvious from a distance, with the intention of warding off would-be thieves before they even get close to your bike.

Main benefits

The padlock is a simple yet rugged design, with a double-bearing lock mechanism and cylinder plates to help to prevent tampering. The narrow links also make leverage breaks particularly hard.

In regard to budget, this is at the lower end of our list.

9. Oxford Nemesis Chain and Padlock

The Nemesis is Oxford’s premium chain and lock. The round links are a whopping 16mm of hardened steel, giving the chain brute strength and you peace of mind.

The chain comes in three lengths – 1.2m, 1.5m and 2m – meaning most models can be catered for. An Oxford-branded reflective cover will protect your precious paintwork and chrome from any damage. It also acts as a clear signal to criminals that there’s no point attempting to steal your bike.

The Nemesis comes with three keys, while Oxford also operates a key replacement service for the more forgetful among us.

Key features

Like the OnGuard Beast and FD-MOTO, the chunky padlock that comes with the Nemesis combo can also be used as a disc lock.

The lock fits in the seat cavity of most bikes, making it easy to transport. Buy a second chain for work and the lock and key are all you need to carry.

Main benefits

The best thing about this chain and lock is its protection against drills, bolt cutters, saws and sledge-hammers – they have been tested against each for a full five-minutes. It’s no surprise that the Nemesis is one of the best chains available and that it meets the Sold Secure and ART 4077 standards.

Things to remember when using a motorcycle security chain

The list above is not exhaustive and you’ll find plenty of other options available on the market. No matter what brand and model you buy, make sure you use the product properly by bearing the following tips in mind:

  • Don’t allow your chain to trail on the ground. Slack can make it more vulnerable during an attempted robbery.
  • Loop the chain through the frame and the wheel to prevent criminals from dismantling the bike and leaving behind the part that’s chained up.
  • One lock is good, two locks are better! If you can afford it, an additional lock (chain, disc lock or other) makes your bike a less attractive target to would-be thieves.
  • Keep your padlock and engine keys separate. This way, you won’t be playing into the hands of a criminal if you lose your keys and they end up in the wrong hands.
  • Ask your insurance company for recommendations. Your insurer may offer a reduction in your premium if you use Thatcham-approved locks or similar.

Keep on top of your motorcycle security

While keeping your bike safe and secure should deter thieves from taking your bike, there’s no guarantee it won’t be damaged in an attempted attack. And in some cases, the worst can still happen. This is why it is so important to buy the best motorbike insurance cover for you and your needs.

Learn more about Bikesure’s competitive motorbike insurance policies and discover what we can do to help protect your pride and joy.

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