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23 January 2023
Last year at Motorcycle Live, we tasked bike influencer and enthusiast UsernameKate to talk through each of the eight bikes we had at our stand at the NEC arena.
1 August 2022
We challenged UsernameKate to name her favourite motorcycling YouTubers.
3 February 2022
Need a motorcycle destination this summer? We’ve picked out five of the best destinations for motorcycle riders to visit in Europe this year.
4 January 2022
We challenged UsernameKate to name her top tips for selling your motorcycle privately.
6 December 2021
We challenged UsernameKate to name her top three favourite scooters and superbikes. Do you agree with her choices?
Usernamekate discusses the UK’s growing trend of riding electric motorcycles and picks out her favourite.
25 May 2021
Bikesure ambassador UsernameKate offers 5 tips for newly qualified bikers when it’s time to buy their first motorbike.
4 May 2021
YouTuber UsernameKate gives her expert opinion on buying that elusive first motorcycle and how you can calm your parents' nerves about your purchase.

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