UsernameKate gives 4 reasons why a bike is better than a first car


Okay, so you’re a teenager and you’ve decided the bike life is the life for you. You’re ready to learn about life on the open road, pass your tests, jump on your freedom machine and finally see for yourself why millions of bikers around the globe think throwing their leg over a bike and learning to ride is the best skill they ever learnt.

If you’re lucky like me, you come from a family where at least one parent rides. Then you have half a chance of talking them into buying your first motorcycle, rather than your first car.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to have parents who understand your need to experience 2 wheel exhilaration, here are some counter arguments to hit them with and a way to handle their objections like a boss…

1. “Riding a motorcycle isn’t safe, you’re too vulnerable”

The reality is, motorcycles have never been safer. With advancements in technology moving quicker than ever, motorcycles aren’t the lairy, scary and uncontrollable machines that some parents believe.

From 2017, it became a legal requirement for all motorcycles in the UK to be equipped with anti locking Brake Systems – ABS. As the years progress, motorcycle manufacturers understand the benefits of rider aids and safety features, even in the lower capacity bikes in order to make for a safer riding experience.

2. “I’m worried you could severely hurt yourself if you come off the bike”

Whilst you must appreciate that riding a motorcycle does carry a degree of risk, in the same breath – so do most things, whether it’s smoking, excessive drinking, crossing the road without looking, nothing in life is risk free unless you lock yourself in a room wrapped in cotton wool.

Acknowledging the risk to your parents demonstrates that you aren’t pulling an ostrich and burying your head in the sand but there are ways to put their minds at ease. The riding equipment nowadays is not only stylish but also extremely protective, meeting stringent safety ratings and standards. Tell your parents, long gone are the days when airbags were solely for your car – they now make airbags vests for motorcyclists! So despite their fear of the risk of injury to their best creation… you, there is definitely protective rider wear out there that can certainly limit this.

3. “I genuinely don’t think you are responsible enough to ride a motorcycle, the minute you get out there with your friends – you will be showing off!”

This is where your parents may have a point. You need to be confident in yourself that you are mature enough for motorcycle ownership. If you are easily influenced by your mates and don’t trust yourself to go out on a motorcycle without having to take that corner quicker than your mate, or see who can pull the longest wheelie, maybe you aren’t ready.

If you have a steady head, you aren’t easily persuaded to do daft things when around your mates, you understand the seriousness of your own safety as well as other road users, well – I guess that’s just on you to show your parents and help them see that they CAN trust you out there on 2 wheels.

4. “Why can’t you just go down the car route like everyone else your age?”

Now this is where you can unload all of the research you have been doing about the benefits of riding a motorcycle. If you retort with some of these points below, hopefully… just hopefully there might be something in there that may just convince them to buy you your first bike… are you ready?

Being a motorcyclist makes you more aware as a road user, studies show you gain a better understanding of road signs, passing other vehicles safer and judging road conditions better.

Motorcycles are inherently ‘greener’ and more eco friendly. Greta will be impressed.

Motorcycles are generally cheaper to buy, insure, maintain and own in general than their 4 wheeled counter parts.

The biker community is like no other. It is full of people from all walks of life, all with one huge passion in common. Motorcycles. I can guarantee, you ride to your local bike meet for a brew and you will be instantly greeted by chatty individuals wanting to offer advice, share their pearls of wisdom, gush about their new pride and joy and most probably compliment your ride and invite you to wonderful organised rides where you can truly understand what it feels like to belong…

Good luck everyone, though hopefully after reading this article… you won’t need much luck!

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August 8, 2023