What is third party only motorbike insurance? 

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Finding the right motorbike insurance option is imperative for riders to get the cover they need and keep insurance costs to a minimum. Here we explain what third party only motorbike insurance is, what it covers and how much you can save with this type of policy.   

What does third party only motorbike insurance cover?  

Third party only motorbike insurance covers the cost of any damage caused to a third party in an accident that is your fault.   

Third party only motorbike insurance is the most basic form of cover riders can acquire for their bike or scooter, and by default, is usually the cheapest because of the lack of financial cover for your own vehicle. Other options include third party, fire and theft and short-term cover.   

What is not covered by third party only motorcycle insurance?     

It doesn’t cover the repair for your bike or moped, nor will it replace any damaged motorcycle gear such as leathers or helmets. Your insurer won’t pay out if your bike is stolen or damaged.   

How much will third party only motorcycle insurance cost me? The savings made from third party only insurance are not always as much as you would imagine, given the coverage is much lower than a standard comprehensive or third party, fire and theft insurance policy.   

Insurers will look to build your premium based on your individual risk profile. Having third party only insurance can be perceived as more of a risk as it could suggest you may not care as much about your bike being damaged, compared to a rider with a comprehensive policy.  

The cost of your third party only motorbike insurance depends on a number of factors, including:  

  • The type of bike you ride  
  • Your location  
  • Your riding history  
  • Any no claims bonus (NCB) you’ve built up  

Read our blog to discover 14 ways to save money on the cost of your motorcycle insurance.  

What benefits come with third party only motorcycle cover?  

There are a range of benefits available with Bikesure insurance policies. These include:  

  • No loss of bonus or excess if you are hit by an uninsured driver  
  • Claims reporting and assistance service open 24 hours a day  
  • No claims bonus discounts  
  • Discounts for members of motorcycle clubs or online forums  
  • Great rates for riders with zero no claims bonus  
  • Riders with motoring convictions or criminal convictions are covered  
  • Easy payment options even for 16-year-olds (subject to guarantor)  
  • Legal cover up to £100,000 included free of charge  

As a specialist motorcycle insurance broker, Bikesure can provide a range of optional extras to help personalise your policy.  

Find the best insurance plan for your motorcycle   

We understand that ‘one size does not fit all’ when it comes to insurance. At Bikesure, we have access to a wide variety of specialist motorbike insurance schemes to help you find the right motorcycle insurance policy to suit you, whether you want third party only cover or fully comprehensive.   

For a swift no obligation quote call 0800 369 8580 or arrange a callback at a time that’s more convenient for you.  

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