What is fully comprehensive motorbike insurance?

Fully comprehensive motorbike insurance

Getting the right motorcycle insurance for your bike can be a stressful time, but it’s important you get the cover you need, whilst keeping costs to a minimum. 

Here we explain what fully comprehensive motorbike insurance is, what it covers and how much you can save with this type of policy.   

What does fully comprehensive motorbike insurance cover?  

Fully comprehensive motorbike insurance, often referred to as fully comp insurance, includes all of the same features as third party fire and theft, as well as any damage to your bike, even if the accident is your fault. 

You are also covered for any damage you cause to a third party, their vehicle, or their property, just as you’d find with third-party cover and you’ll also be able to claim if your motorbike is stolen or damaged by fire.

Most comprehensive policies also allow you to have a courtesy vehicle while yours is being repaired in the event of an accident. 

Do I need comprehensive motorcycle insurance?

In short, no. However, if you choose not to have fully comprehensive motorcycle cover, you will need to ensure you have either a third party only or third party fire and theft insurance policy to legally be allowed to ride on the road. 

Fully comp offers the highest level of cover out of the three different types of policies available, and is generally more expensive than third party. However, you will have the peace of mind that damage to your own bike is covered with fully comprehensive.  

How much will fully comp motorcycle insurance cost me? 

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance is usually a dearer option than third party, and provides a much higher level of cover. Insurers will build your premium based on your individual risk profile.

But in having comprehensive cover, you will be seen as a rider who isn’t willing to take risks while riding, compared to those who take out third party cover. 

The cost of your motorbike insurance depends on a number of factors, including:  

  • The type of bike you ride  
  • Your location  
  • Your riding history  
  • Any no claims bonus (NCB) you’ve built up
  • Your age and experience 
  • Your excess fee total
  • Whether you pay for your insurance monthly or annually
  • How you store your motorcycle when it’s not on the road
  • Safety measures you take, such as a disc lock

Will I need pillion cover for any passengers?

If you carry any passenger on your motorcycle, you will need to ensure your policy covers you to allow them to ride pillion. If not, you will need to ask your insurer if you can add it to the policy. 

If you carry a passenger and you don’t have pillion cover, your insurance policy can be invalidated, even if it’s for a single trip. 

What benefits come with Bikesure’s fully comprehensive motorcycle cover?  

There are a range of benefits available with Bikesure insurance policies. These include:  

  • No loss of bonus or excess if you are hit by an uninsured driver  
  • Claims reporting and assistance service open 24 hours a day  
  • No claims bonus discounts  
  • Discounts for members of motorcycle clubs or online forums  
  • Great rates for riders with zero no claims bonus  
  • Riders with motoring convictions or criminal convictions are covered  
  • Easy payment options even for 16-year-olds (subject to guarantor)  
  • Legal cover up to £100,000 included free of charge  

As a specialist motorcycle insurance broker, Bikesure can provide a range of optional extras to help personalise your policy.  

Am I allowed to ride another motorbike through my comprehensive motorcycle insurance?

Like fully comprehensive insurance for a car, you may be able to ride another bike through your policy with the owners’ permission. However, it is always best to double check the details of your policy documents before doing so. Do not assume you can ride any bike, just because you have fully comp insurance. 

If you own a collection of motorcycles, even if it’s only two or three, it may be best to take out a multi bike insurance policy, to ensure you get the best deal. 

Where can I get comprehensive motorcycle insurance?   

At Bikesure, we have access to a wide variety of specialist motorbike insurance schemes to help you find the right motorcycle insurance policy to suit you, whether you want comprehensive cover, third party only or third party fire and theft. 

For a swift no obligation quote call 0330 123 1028 or arrange a callback at a time that’s more convenient for you.  

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