The ultimate guide to electric scooters and mopeds

SEAT MO 125 electric bike
Image source: SEAT

Thinking about going electric? Read on to find out about the current technology on offer in electric scooters and mopeds, and which bikes could be great options for riders looking to join the electric revolution. Jump straight to best electric scooters and mopeds.

Will we be seeing a lot more electric scooters and mopeds on the road soon?

With the government recently extending electric motorcycle, scooter and moped grants in a bid to encourage more people to go electric, electric scooters and mopeds are slowly becoming a more attractive option to riders.

Of course, as we found out in our opinions survey on electric motorbikes, there are still some riders who aren’t ready to go electric. Thankfully, over the past few years, more options have become available, and the anxieties around range and charge times have diminished somewhat as battery technology improves and the number of charge points increase.

Additionally, the government has confirmed that they plan to phase out “the sale of new non-zero emission powered two and three-wheelers (and other L-category vehicles)” by 2035 in their Decarbonising Transport plan, so it’s likely that electric motor scooters will become more and more popular as time goes by. But are they a practical alternative?

Are electric scooters and mopeds a good alternative to petrol bikes?

Electric motorcycles have increasingly become real contenders as an economical, environmentally-friendly option. Mopeds are increasingly being seen as a viable option for commuter riders, particularly as most commuters’ round trips are, on average, 23 miles, which is usually covered by a single charge of most electric scooters and mopeds.

How do I know which electric mopeds and scooters I can ride on my licence?

As with their petrol-powered siblings, the restrictions on who can ride electric mopeds and scooters are determined by their speed.

As a general rule, electric moped are limited to a speed of 28mph and are powered between 1000W (1kW) and 4000W (4kW). These can be ridden by any rider who is 16 years old and above, has passed a CBT course and has a category AM or P on their existing driving licence. Note that electric mopeds can’t be used on motorways.

Anything with power over 4,000W and a speed higher than 28mph is likely to be a scooter or motorcycle classed as an L3E-A1 bike. Riders must be 17 years and older, should have passed a CBT course and have a full A1 motorcycle licence.

In both cases, riders will need number plates, registration documents, road tax, electric scooter insurance, and the scooter or moped must be MOT’d after three years. Riders must wear helmets. Note that electric scooters are road tax exempt! For more information, read our guide to electric scooters and the law.

It’s important to know the difference between true electric motorcycles and electrically assisted pedal cycles (EAPCs). EAPCs are classed as electric bicycles, limited to a maximum speed of 15mph and must have pedals. This means that they can be ridden without a driving licence and do not require road tax, insurance or an MOT.

Are there electric mopeds and scooters for adults?

All the options listed below are for adults. Despite what some people say, electric mopeds can be ridden by anyone – they’re not limited to teenagers who have just passed their test.

What are the best electric scooters and mopeds on the market?

We’ve listed our favourite road-legal electric scooters and mopeds that are available to buy now.

Super Soco CUx Moped and CPx Scooter

Super Soco CUx on grey background
Image source: Super Soco
Super Soco CUxSuper Soco CPx
PriceFrom £2,699 (without grant)From £4,499 (without grant) for single battery
From £5,499 (without grant) for dual battery
Approximate range40 miles/64km44 miles/72km (single battery)
87 miles/137km (dual battery)
Speed28mph/45kph (restricted)56mph/90kph
Charge time3-4 hours3-4 hours

The Super Soco CUx is a stylish bike. The design of the LED lights in the front and back are particularly eye-catching, and the scooter also has plenty of handy features, including keyless start and locking, a motion-activated alarm, and cruise control. Many reviews suggest that the CUx is best for smaller riders, though it can still hold average-sized adults too.

The CUx is powered by a 1,300W Bosch engine, which makes it a fun electric moped to ride. It boasts a 40-mile range, making it ideal for short city runs or commuting. Super Soco suggests that its battery can be recharged in three to four hours when charged at home or work thanks to its portable 3-pin UK mains plug-powered super charger, which isn’t too bad if you’re mainly using your moped for short runs.

Super Soco have also created the CUx’s scooter counterpart, the CPx. This bike is a little more expensive, at £4,499 without the grant, and you can buy a dual-battery model for £1,000 extra, which will get you a range of up to 87 miles (137km) and a max speed of 56mph (90kph) – not too shabby if you’ve got an A1 licence and the extra money to spare.

Vespa Elettrica Moped and Scooter

Vespa Elettrica 45km/hVespa Elettrica 70km/h
PriceFrom £6,500 (without grant)From £6,800 (without grant)
Approximate range62 miles/100km62 miles/100km
Charge time4 hours4 hours

The Vespa Elettrica is one of the more expensive options on the list, but its iconic retro Vespa styling with a modern twist might be tempting for die-hard fans. The Elettrica comes in two different models depending on if you have a AM or A1 licence, or how fast you want to go. Sadly, its battery can’t be removed and taken inside to charge, but Vespa claims that the battery can be charged in around four hours.

If you’ve ridden the petrol Primavera, the riding experience for the Elettrica is extremely similar. The electric version is a great bike for urban areas and either of the models’ 62-mile range is probably more than enough for commuting and city riding.

The Elettrica also has two different riding modes: power-saving Eco or full-throttle Power. Eco mode will help you travel further while limiting your speed, and Power mode will likely reduce the bike’s range but allow you to travel more quickly.

Piaggio 1 Moped or Piaggio 1 Active Scooter

Piaggio 1Piaggio 1 Active
PriceFrom £2,500 (without grant)From £3,000 (without grant)
Approximate range34 miles/54km (in eco mode)52 miles/85km (in eco mode)
Charge time6 hours6 hours

Designed with a removable battery that can be taken in and charged without the bike itself, the Piaggio 1 and Piaggio 1 Active are great options for city commuters who live in smaller flats or don’t have access to a shared outdoor space or garage. Although the models have a longer charge time than all the bikes on the list so far, the removable aspect of the battery still makes it a great option for many people.

The electric Piaggio models are affordable options, especially when the government grant is applied, which brings both prices down significantly. The battery also isn’t stored in the under-seat compartment, meaning you can store your spare helmet and a number of other items when the bike is in use.

The Piaggio 1 and Piaggio 1 Active have used the brand’s hexagonal logo design to create a refreshing new look, especially in the scooter’s headlights. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more modern and stylish electric scooter.

NIU MQi GT SR Electric Moped and NQi GTS ER Electric Scooter

NIU electric scooter
Image source: NIU
PriceFrom £2,999 (without grant)From £4,099 (without grant)
Approximate range50 miles/80km56 miles/90km
Charge time4.5 hours3.5 hours

NIU electric scooters are something of a commuting sensation across Europe and they’ve been available in the UK since autumn 2018. Developed from a Kickstarter crowdfunding scheme and co-founded by Li Yi Nan and Token Hu – formerly of Microsoft – NIU’s models have received rave reviews. In fact, Forbes dubbed the brand “very likely to become the new Vespa”.

The range on offer has grown since the company’s entrance into the UK; the NQi GTS ER was released in 2022 with the same features as the original, popular GTS model but with an extended range. If you’re looking for an electric scooter, you can’t go wrong with the NIU NQi GTS ER, though you should note that, as the battery is stored underneath the seat, storage can be limited. The scooter has three different modes: e-save, dynamic and sport, depending on how fast you want to go and how far you need to travel.

If you’re in the market for an electric moped, you can’t really go wrong with the MQi GT SR 50cc either. The moped has a decently sized frame that will allow you to ride with a pillion passenger, while its 14 inch wheels provide improved grip and handling on the roads.

SEAT MÓ eScooter 125

SEAT MO 125 electric scooter
Image source: SEAT
PriceFrom £5,800 (without grant)
Approximate range87 miles/140km
Charge time6-8 hours

The SEAT MÓ is one of the pricier scooters on this list, but it is one of the electric motorcycles with the biggest range, making it a contender even for out-of-city riding. Its battery is removable, allowing you to charge it in the comfort of your own home, which probably makes up for its long charge time. The scooter offers ample under-seat storage, which is often a concern for electric scooters.

Granted, the SEAT MÓ has a hefty price tag, but you can tell SEAT haven’t spared any expense on the build, which is high quality and answers many of the concerns that riders have with switching to electric. Like many other e-scooters, the SEAT MÓ has three different riding modes: eco, city and sport, the first two of which can help improve battery life.

Silence S01 Connected Scooter and S02 Urban Moped

Silence S02 UrbanSilence S01 Connected
PriceFrom £3,325 (with grant)From £5,696 (with grant)
Approximate range35 miles/56km85 miles/136km
Charge time3-4 hours6-8 hours

If the Silence S01 Connected stats look strangely familiar, it’s because you’ve seen very similar stats before with the SEAT MÓ. This is because the SEAT MÓ was developed in partnership with the Silence team and SEAT’s R&D team improved the battery slightly over the Silence S01 Connected. That being said, unlike the SEAT MÓ, the Silence models come in a range of different options, making it easier for individuals to pick the best bike for their needs.
The S02 Urban is one of the models available and is a road legal 30mph electric moped. This is an agile little electric moped that’s ideal for city riding. Like the S01 Connected, the S02 Urban still benefits from a removable battery, which can be removed and wheeled into your house for easy charging. Its city and eco driving modes allow you to take control of your speed and monitoring the battery.

Lexmoto Yadea G5 2300

Yadea G5 2300 electric moped
Image source: Lexmoto
PriceFrom £2,179.99 (without grant)
Approximate range55 miles/88km
Charge time4-6 hours

Lexmoto teamed up with electric bike manufacturer Yadea for this one, and it’s a great option for moped riders, especially around town or city. The Yadea G5 2300 can be used by 16 years olds, making it ideal for young riders who haven’t yet earned the luxury of riding something a little speedier. That being said, if you’re used to stop-and-start city traffic, it’s also a great electric moped for adults who don’t feel the need for speed.

Lexmoto claim that the battery can last 55 miles, but many report that this is unrealistic when riding normally and it probably does between 35 and 40 miles. Still, that range isn’t too bad for urban riding, such as commuting and shopping.

The battery lives under the floor of the electric moped and can easily be pulled out and charged inside, making it a versatile option for those needing to park on the street. The bike can seat two comfortably, which is actually quite a rarity for most mopeds.

BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter

PriceFrom £11,700 (without grant)
Approximate range80 miles/128km
Charge time4 hours 20 mins (65 mins to 80% with a fast charger)

With its bold look, the BMW CE 04 definitely stands out from the crowd and can be seen as a solid alternative to a petrol bike. It accelerates quickly – and will certainly turn heads when it does so. The CE 04 is about 50kg lighter than the original C Evolution model – which first came out in 2014 – but it’s still quite hefty at 231kg. Its slightly narrower design makes it perfect for weaving in and out of city traffic.

Saying that, the BMW CE 04 comes with a big price tag. At £11,700, it is by far the most expensive option in our roundup – but then again, you just have to look at it to see why. The CE 04 can reach a speed of 75mph and has a range of 80 miles, which makes it idea if you have a long commute or you live in a rural area. If you like the modern design of the scooter and you have the money to spare, this is a great option.

You can also get a fast charger, which will charge the e-scooter to 80% in around 65 minutes. However, note that this will cost £850 extra. The battery also can’t be removed, making it ideal for those with garage space.

Artisan EV2000R Retro Electric Scooter

PriceFrom £2,995 (without grant)
Approximate range25 miles/40km (single battery)
50 miles/80km (dual battery)
Charge time6 hours

Drawing inspiration from classics like the Vespa, the EV2000R is a stylish electric moped with a top speed reported of 28mph, making it a great option for young riders and commuters. The bike has a range of customisable options, including various seat options, an optional power cell, and more.

Artisan were perhaps the first electric scooter company to produce a retro-styled moped with modern features, making it a new kind of classic electric moped. And they’ve certainly delivered on the style, which is sure to catch people’s attention wherever you go.

With its removable batteries, the moped can be charged inside if necessary, making it ideal for city living. The extra power cell costs around £500 but doubles the moped’s range from 25 to 50 miles, making it a cost-effective choice for those who have a long commute or would prefer not to keep having to check the battery on journeys.

Horwin EK1 Electric Moped

PriceFrom £2,999 (without grant)
Approximate range66 miles/106km
Charge time8 hours

This colourful little electric moped is a great option for those looking for a cleanly designed bike with personality. Its rear lights are unique and will certainly gain looks from other motorcycle riders on the road.

The EK1 has a 28mph speed limit, which makes it a great commuter bike for the city, while its approximate 66 mile range will help to soothe the range anxieties that often come with going electric.

With the moped’s twin hydraulic shock absorbers at the front and rear, the Horwin EK1 allows you to ride in comfort as well as style. Its USB charger will also keep your phone charged while on the go, and the bike can be equipped with a number of optional extras, such as an extended range battery, mobile phone holder and windshield.

Ready to buy an electric scooter or moped?

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