Picking your first moped

Small capacity mopeds and scooters have long been the first bike for many people, as they’re easy to learn on and safer to ride. Bikesure looks at some of the best scooters available for first-time riders of any age.

Kymco Agility 50

Specifically designed as an entry-level bike, the Agility is a dependable scooter for teenagers. Like all 50cc bikes, its 30mph top speed will excite only the most easily pleased thrillseekers, and if you’ve got a longer commute it might not be ideal. Despite this, the Agility 50 has good fuel efficiency and can be derestricted once you get your full license, giving it a longer working life.

Yamaha Aerox 4

The Aerox has been one of the most popular scooters since it was first released in 1997, and it’s easy to see why. Its sporty style is more than skin deep, with hydraulic suspension for great handling.

Yamaha Neo’s 4

If you can shake yourself away from considering the implication of the apostrophe in its name, in that you might have to end up fighting Keanu Reeves in a leather trenchcoat, the Neo’s 4 is Yamaha’s more understated offering. Ideal if you want a steady, practical moped as your first bike.

Lexmoto Echo 50

At just under £1,100, the Lexmoto Echo 50 is one of the cheaper scooters. Despite this, it’s on par with pricier bikes, especially in terms of fuel efficiency and reliability. Features like its twist and go throttle make it an easy bike to learn on, while its luggage rack mounting points are perfect if you’re looking for a cheap option for delivery work.

The Echo 50 is also available in a Plus version for an extra £100. The Plus has slightly larger wheels and a more powerful engine, which might suit delivery workers better.

Peugeot Speedfight

Another of the giants of the scootering scene, Peugeot’s Speedfight is available in a number of style variations. Extremely fuel-efficient and easy to maintain, it’s easy to justify the extra cost of premium scooters like the Speedfight if you need something that can handle a lot of use. This also makes it great for beginners.

Sym Fiddle

The legacy of styling set by the Vespa is a large part of the appeal for many scooter owners. If you’re looking for something a little retro, there’s a lot of choices out there. Whilst you could, of course, opt for the Vespa, if you’re young you’ll probably need to consider cheaper options first. The Fiddle is very much a modern take on the classic scooter silhouette, but it’s stylish enough to stand on its own merit. At under £2k, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for something a little more understated than the boy racer sports aesthetic.

Sinnis Street

If you’re tempted by the Peugeots but not by the price, take a look at the scooters from Sinnis. This British company works with the same companies that build Peugeot’s scooters, providing high-quality but affordable alternatives. The design of the Street in particular manages to combine the lines of a classic scooter with a twist of modern sports styling in a very appealing manner.

Suzuki Burgman 125

Whilst the Suzuki Burgman 125 is one of the more expensive bikes on this list, it’s also one of the fastest and packs a considerable amount of storage space. Its under-seat storage has enough room for two helmets, while its two front storage compartments provide easy access to important items. This makes it perfect for those trips to the supermarket on the way home from work, or indeed trips further afield.

Honda Vision

Honda’s Vision is a no-frills entry-level scooter. While it isn’t the fastest or the most exciting moped you’ll ever ride, these features make it ideal for learners. Its 16-inch wheels are slightly larger than a lot of bikes in this class, meaning that it’s able to handle roads more smoothly. The Vision is one of the more expensive 50cc scooters available, but you’re paying for the quality of the components and the engineering abilities that large companies like Honda provide.

Honda PCX 125

The PCX has been one of the best selling scooters in the UK for many years, and with good reason. Fuel efficient, easily manoeuvrable and a breeze to service, it’s a great choice for urban travel. The Honda PCX 125 also features mounting points for extra luggage, making it a popular option for delivery riders. Be warned though: if you’re a taller rider, you might feel a little exposed on it.

Honda Forza 125

The taller prospective riders among you might be more comfortable on the Forza 125. This is Honda’s sporty maxi scooter. Compared to the PCX 125, the Forza has the capacity to hold more fuel, as well as a higher top speed that makes it better able to handle longer journeys. Obviously, if you’re a teenager, neither of these last two Hondas are suitable as your first scooter, but for older people looking to get on the road, they’re great picks.

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