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Moped theft helps drive rise in recorded crime

Moped theft is helping drive the largest increase in recorded crime in ten years, official figures show. Figures released by the Office of National Statistics for England and Wales showed a 10 per cent rise in crimes reported to the police in the year to March 2017.

Among this was a 7 per cent rise in theft, including a 20 per cent rise in theft of a vehicle and a 10 per cent increase in shoplifting.

Reported influences of motor theft reached 91,433, an increase of more than 15,000 from the previous year and the highest level since 2011.

The ONS said that a recent increase in moped crimes in cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham could have fuelled some of the rise in theft.

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Moped theft “often leads to other crime”

The report by the ONS said: “Often the mopeds used to facilitate snatch thefts and robberies are also stolen; these vehicles typically do not have immobilisers and vehicles are targeted that have little to no strong security products.

“The increase in these types of crimes could be a contributing factor to the rise seen in vehicle-related thefts, theft from the person and robbery.”

Pedestrians have reported having mobile phones and handbags snatched by thieves riding mopeds as they walk on the pavement. And last week a man driving a Porsche was held up at knifepoint by a motorcyclist and passenger who pulled up alongside him.

Westminster protest against moped theft

On Tuesday last week riders protested in Westminster against moped theft and a spate of attacks, including the recent spate of acid attacks on delivery drivers in east London.

As well as the acid attacks and snatches, it is thought stolen motorcycles are often used by villains to transport weapons, drugs and other stolen goods.

The Metropolitan Police have launched a special campaign, Operation Venice, to crack down on the theft of mopeds, scooters and motorcycles. They are advising riders to “layer up” security when they park up to help prevent becoming a victim of crime.

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