Obscure 50-year-old Lambretta trike up for sale

Need a little more storage space on your Lambretta?

Then one of the iconic Italian scooter manufacturers’s more obscure models, the 125 FD commercial trike up for auction at Coys Spring Classics Sale next week could be right up your street.

It will be difficult to miss at the auction at the Royal Horticultural Society in Westminster, because lot 301 is the only scooter among a fleet of more than 70 classic cars catalogued for sale.

Lambretta 125 FD

The 1953 model going under the hammer is, appropriately for a machine built in Italy, olive green in colour with a coachbuilt pick-up to the rear.

In the 50s a Lambretta pick-up was the ultimate luxury for small businesses unable to afford a full-size van.

It was described at the time as “the ideal, economical runabout for local deliveries by tradesmen; for transporting and carrying in small businesses”.

The first Lambretta “motocarro” models (FB and FC) had their pick-up beds in front of the driver, which made steering difficult.

The 125 FD, introduced in December 1952, was the first model to have the box behind and a normal scooter front end, which made it easier to steer and improved manoeuvrability.

It was similar to the Model D scooter, though its front forks and dampers were stronger; the final drive was by means of prop shaft to the rear wheels.

The Lambretta trike would have rivalled four-wheelers for performance and economy.

The 125cc engine topped out at a maximum speed of just over 30 mph (45kmh), had a carrying load of 200kg and the bike had an amazing turning circle of 1.75m.

Sales in Great Britain continued into the 1960s, though it was not a practical option here because of the weather.

Later Lambretta three-wheelers became more “car-like” and were used extensively in Asian countries, particularly as taxis.

Coys Spring Classics Sale is from 7pm on Wednesday, April 12, with viewing from 10am the same day or from noon until 8pm the previous day.

Pre-sale estimate for the Lambretta is £9,000-£12,000.

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