Author: Matt Ware

16 May 2024
For scooter enthusiast Mark Genery, it’s far more about the machine than the scene. He told us about his fascination for classic scooters.
22 December 2023
Teenage mod turned Lambretta racer and tuner Shaun Fairhead explains how he fell in love with scootering and why it still gives him a thrill.
If you’ve never heard of light quadricycles, read this blog to find out what they are and the best models available in the UK today.
23 November 2023
Two flight jackets, 30 years apart, are testament to Chris Howlett’s enduring love for scooter rallies. The first dates from 1985, when Chris travelled to all 10 national rallies, from Dunbar to the Isle of Wight and Colwyn Bay to Great Yarmouth, and stitched on the Paddy Smith patches to prove it.
27 October 2023
Over nearly five decades, scootering has given Andy Saggers so much - his wife, Sandra; adventures all over Europe; friendship with Edwin Starr; and grass track racing fun, along with a few broken bones.
25 September 2023
Joanna Daines has dipped in and out of the scootering scene for nearly 40 years, and with the sound and smell of a two-stroke in her blood from her mid-teens, she’s always been drawn back into a scene that’s been a constant in British culture since the 1960s.
21 September 2023
This blog tells you everything you need to know about women’s motorcycle gear and includes special recommendations from Bikesure ambassador and vlogger Username Kate.
8 September 2023
Dazzle was one of the most iconic custom scooters of the 1980s, and Paul Dizzy has restored it to its former glory.
17 August 2023
Steve Bales and Stephen Panting have been riding scooters since 1982, when the mod revival brought the return of large-scale scooter rallies to the UK. They told us why they're still riding 40 years on.
26 June 2023
Three years in Italy gave Johnny Walklate an enduring love of scooters. He spoke to us about his rare Lambretta Model A.

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