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Our tips to help scooter riders stay safe in the Winter months

Winter doesn’t mean you have to store your scooter away until the brighter months. By following these simple tips, you can carry on riding your scooter throughout the season.

  1. Wear warm, waterproof clothing. Keeping warm and dry will help keep you more focused on riding and the conditions around you.
  2. Wear a scarf or some kind of neck covering to stop cold air getting in between your helmet and jacket. Wear suitable gloves to keep you warm, but also keep hands free to use the throttle and change gear.
  3. It’s important to wear a full-face helmet as most body heat is lost through your head. Visors should be clear and kept clean and scratch-free. Choose a helmet with ventilation to prevent steaming up.
  4. Be seen. It’s important to be visible, especially in the winter months when it gets dark earlier and bad weather can impair vision. Use your lights and wear reflective strips on clothing and on your scooter.
  5. Thoroughly check your scooter. Make sure battery is charged. Check you have enough fuel to get to destination. Check oil levels. Make sure tyres have enough tread and that the pressures are correct. Check all lights are in working order and check your brakes.
  6. Keep your scooter clean as grit from roads can corrode the bodywork and cause all sorts of damage.
  7. Check the weather and the road conditions and allow plenty of time for the journey. If the roads are particularly bad then revise your route if possible.
  8. Be aware of the road conditions when riding. Edges of roads tend to be slipperier and ice takes longer to thaw in shady areas. Beware of potholes and areas that have not been gritted. Ride according to the road conditions. In snow and ice be slow and gentle with your brakes, clutch, steering and throttle. Remember braking distances are increased on slippery roads
  9. Be aware of other road users. Keep an eye on cars close behind you and signal in good time. Leave plenty of space between yourself and the vehicle in front.
  10. Always carry a mobile phone and some money in case of an emergency. With these simple tips and some common sense, there is no reason not to ride your scooter in winter. Be safe and enjoy the ride. If you get too cold or the conditions are too bad then stop when it is safe to do so.

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