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We’re not sure if this is a record, but a biker in Southampton has just been handed 39 penalty points for repeatedly speeding at speeds of up to 88mph in a 30 zone, as well as pulling a wheelie for the camera. He was also banned for 18 months and fined for his trouble – you can see the report here, or watch the local news report.

Of the seven times he admitted to in court, Steven Skilton was caught at speeds of 88, 82, 77, 72, 54, 58 and 83 miles per hour on his Kawasaki ZX-10R.

Anyone can make the odd mistake and go a bit too fast on a bike as powerful as this Ninja, but repeatedly flouting the law is sure to attract the interest of the plods, even if your numberplate isn’t visible. Sure enough, I hear they pulled out all the stops to catch this guy, and eventually tracked him down by his jacket – a rare Dainese number that was sold to only a couple of people in the UK.

It can be difficult getting motorbike insurance with convictions, but thankfully Bikesure can help in most cases, and you may even find, that for one or two SP30s, your quote might not be any more expensive than if you have a clean license, although if you have managed to rack up 39 points, I’m afraid you may be looking at a rather hefty premium for a few years.

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