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29 July 2020
As a lad, Howard Morris could only dream about owning even one chopper, but today he’s the proud owner of not one but four stunning American custom bikes - plus a BMW thrown in for good measure. Read his own story, in his own words…
Anyone who loves motorcycles will have a dream motorcycle collection either; a top ten, a dream bike or a motorcycle bucket list.
17 October 2017
I’m from a biking family. I bought my first motorcycle, a Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA) Bantam, in 1977 at the age of 17, and then quickly progressed onto a 350cc Triumph.
I’m 47 years old and started biking at 23. I resisted the ‘moped at 16 and dead by 18’ thing and staved off my bike test until I had at least a modicum of sense!
My name is Paul Davies and I’m a 50-year-old scooterist. I started riding scooters on the back of the early 1980s mod revival.
5 May 2017
Well, I blame my wife! In our family funeral business I hardly ever took a day off. I had no hobby, played no sport, and didn’t drink or smoke.

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