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8 August 2023
If you love an iconic motorbike, read this blog to find out about the most celebrated bikes of the 1970s and 80s.
2 June 2016
Sales of 50cc to 125cc bikes make up roughly 70% of all motorcycles purchases in the UK.
29 March 2016
Invented in France in 1893, sidecars predate the first production motorcycles, as they were originally designed for a newspaper competition to find the best method of carrying a passenger on a bicycle.
19 February 2016
The hair, the shoulder pads, the music and the fashion - there's lots about the 1980s that we remember fondly, and lots of it we'd rather forget ...
11 February 2016
“Look mum, no hands!”
13 November 2015
Rock and roll and the internal combustion engine have a long history together; indeed the song often pegged as the “first rock and roll song” – Rocket 88 – was about a car.
1 September 2015
Have you ever thought about owning a classic motorcycle? If you’ve ever seen a movie featuring Steve McQueen the answer is probably yes.
13 July 2015
It’s fair to say that when we published our Iconic Mopeds infographic back in June we were blown away by your reactions.

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