8 of the best maxi scooters for touring

Maxi scooter
Image courtesy of Lexmoto

When you think about touring on two wheels, scooters might not be the first thing you visualise yourself cruising about on. But wait! Maxi scooters exist, and excel at delivering a comfortable ride over longer distances and can carry all the luggage you could need.

Maxi scooters are generally larger than standard scooters, with more powerful engines that allow you to get up to speeds that let you drive on motorways. A more comfortable riding position and protection from the weather, thanks to their fairings, makes them a great economical choice for touring riders.

We here at Bikesure have come up with a list of the best maxi scooters that are the ideal vehicle for your touring holidays.

Suzuki Burgman 400

One of the big beasts of the maxi scooter world, the Burgman range has been one of the most popular of its type since it was released. The 400 is a generously sized scooter with two seats. That gives you an underseat storage compartment with 42 litre capacity, which is enough for two full face helmets and can easily accommodate the kind of gear you’ll need if you’re touring. 

There’s also the option of adding a top case if you need more carrying capacity. A top speed of around 85mph, combined with its nippy handling, makes it ideal for enjoying twisting country routes.

Lexmoto XDV 300

Maxi scooter
Image courtesy of Lexmoto

Lexmoto have been diversifying their range recently with a number of high capacity bikes joining their evergreen stable of 125cc scooters. The XDV is their offering to budget conscious tourers. For just under £5k you get 81mph and a maximum weight load of 328kg. 

You can easily fit panniers and a top case, and while there isn’t space for a passenger the more upright sitting position might be more appealing for some people. With its funky angular design, it’s got a quality that far exceeds its price point.

Sym Maxsym TL 508

Sym are often lumped into the category of newer manufacturers offering a range of budget bikes, but the price tag of the Maxsym indicates they’re competing with the bigger brands. Its whopping 508cc engine gives an impressive reported top speed of 110mph, and it’s been designed so the weight is equally distributed between both axles, helping to make it a responsive and manoeuvrable drive. If you’re looking for the comfort of a maxi scooter and the power of a motorcycle, the Maxsym can hold its own with any of them.

Kymco AK550

Kymco are another relatively newer brand who are using their maxi scooter range beyond 50 and 125cc scooters. Similar to Sym’s offering, the AK550 is a high spec maxi that’s designed to provide comfortable long distance rides. If you’re looking for a luxury bike on a slightly less-than-luxury budget, Kymco’s offering is a pretty good choice.

Yamaha Tricity 300

Now, purists might wrinkle their nose at the inclusion of a three-wheeled vehicle but the Tricity is a maxi-trike that’s designed to make riding fun, and it’s a great choice for hassle-free touring. Those two front wheels give it unmatched stability and they lean to give you extra grip while cornering. It’s a great alternative to Yamaha’s higher spec maxi, the Tech MAX, but if you have the cash that’s also a top choice for touring.

Piaggio MP3 530

Maxi scooter
Image courtesy of Piaggio

Another three wheeler, the MP3 is a good choice if you’re in love with the general concept of a three-wheeled scooter but want something more powerful than Yamaha’s offering. Beyond the engine, the 530 has been upgraded with fancy features including a rear view camera and blind spot detection system. The engine itself delivers 44 horsepower, making it the most powerful three wheeler on the market. This all combines to make it a winning option for touring in comfort and safety.


Maxi scooter
Image courtesy of BMW

The GT version of the C400 isn’t necessarily the fastest maxi scooter you could tour on, but it does have the kind of polish and attention to detail in its features and options that makes it ideal for longer journeys and touring holidays.

BMW offers a comprehensive range of luggage solutions that can be fitted pretty much everywhere you’d want to put luggage on a scooter. You could get top case, panniers and even fuel tank cases if you really want to optimise your carrying capacity.

Honda Forza 750

Honda’s Forza is one of the most popular maxi scooters on the market. Given it’s trying to hit that “power of a motorcycle, comfort of a scooter” sweet spot which the Maxsym is also aiming at, but with that Honda level of quality, it’s easy to see why. Like the Maxsym, its top speed is around 110mph, and the overall riding position and general vibe of riding it is definitely closer to a motorcycle. If that’s what you’re after, then the Forza is a good pick for more adventurous touring.

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