Motorcycle safety tips from Bikesure experts including Carl Fogarty & UsernameKate

motorcycle safety

If you’re thinking of getting back on your motorcycle after a break or if you are new to biking, safety is always a concern. Here some of Bikesure’s experts offer some timely advice about motorcycle safety.

And, as you will see, it’s advice worth considering as we have spoken to Bikesure ambassadors Carl Fogarty, a four times world superbike champion, motorcycling vlogger Kate Ralph, also known as UsernameKate, and two of the insurance company’s biking mad managers, Rob and Tom. 

Foggy’s motorcycle safety advice

Always make sure your bike is safe and roadworthy, check the tread on your tyres, especially in damp conditions.

You know what you’re doing but expect the unexpected from everyone around you.

Be seen – leave your lights on and wear hi vis clothing.

Wear the best protective equipment that you can afford – it might just save your life.

Stick within the speed limits – they are there for a reason.

UsernameKate’s motorcycle safety advice

Ride defensively, and don’t get complacent. Drivers can be unpredictable but if you’re switched on and alert you stand half a chance!

Consider extra bike training courses. There’s always something to learn and the more knowledge you have, the safer you will be.

Choose your company wisely. If you like to ride in groups, try to ride with sensible people. If you have crazy friends who want to cross double white lines and ride at stupid speeds, don’t ride to please them, ride for yourself. If it’s too much, find a more sensible group to ride with.

motorcycle safety

Rob’s motorcycle safety advice

So many of the accidents we see occur at junctions, so approach these with care. Reduce your speed on approach to junctions and complete overtakes well before junctions. Have the other road users seen you, try to get a sense of whether they have and act accordingly. If in doubt, act like they haven’t seen you.

Plan your moves ahead. If you’re riding well, you shouldn’t need to be performing hard braking, keep it smooth.

Know your limits. Chances are the bike’s limits will exceed yours, so be aware of your riding skills and don’t push your limits, well not too far.

Ride in accordance with the conditions and wear the right gear to take that into account too. Being uncomfortable is distracting and you need to stay focused and relaxed.

Tired, stiff or stressed? Take a break, have a stretch and a coffee and reflect on the ride before resuming your journey.

motorcycle safety

Tom’s motorcycle safety advice

Give your bike a once over frequently. Maintaining your bike, lubricating the chain and general maintenance in a timely fashion go a long way to keeping you safe – the last thing you want is your bike letting you down, the chain slipping or something else, while you are riding.

Give yourself time to get to know your bike before taking a pillion, and always give a new pillion rider a pre-ride brief — this should stop them doing something that throws you off, like fighting against you leaning.

Watch the weather. Always check the weather forecast before going out for a ride. It might save you from being out in weather you really shouldn’t try to ride in — I’ve been caught out by the weather so I’m speaking from experience!.

Clean your visor regularly, this stops streaking from headlights especially at night. You need to be able to see after all!

Always wear your protective gear, even for those really short trips or city riding. Road rash isn’t worth it, even if it’s hot.

Still lacking confidence about motorcycle safety?

If the motorcycle safety advice from our experts still leaves you quaking in your leather biking boots, Rob has some extra tips for you.

With his tongue very much in his cheek, he advised:

  • Leave your motorbike in the garage and don’t start the engine
  • Sell your bike
  • Never get another bike, don’t even think about it
  • Don’t even do a test ride, ever again

Bikesure insurance for every biker

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