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Photo by Alina Rubo on Unsplash.

It’s hard to beat the thrill of an off-road biker track. Sand, mud, jumps, hill climbs and the occasional fall, all combine for a great day’s adrenaline-filled entertainment.

Here the team at Bikesure rate the best off-road biker tracks the country has to offer. 

Best off-road track for thrills

You would have to go a long way to beat the thrills at Hawkstone Park near Shrewsbury in Shropshire. This former Grand Prix circuit rose to fame as the setting for the British Motocross Grand Prix during the 70s and 80s.

Today, Hawkstone Park holds rounds of the British Motocross Championship, and every February, the track plays host to the famous Hawkstone International pre-season race. 

The sands of Hawkstone can be brutal but that doesn’t stop the top riders from naming it one of their favourite tracks. 

They have now filled the infamous Hawkstone Bomb Hole but the Hawkstone Hill remains and is one of the longest, steepest hill climbs in the sport. 

Best off-road track for experienced off-roaders

Fatcat Motoparc at Armthorpe near Doncaster is regarded as the toughest track in the country and it will test even the most experienced riders. They say if you can conquer the Fatcat, you can conquer any track.

There are loads of facilities, including a Tarmac kart circuit and two full-sized motocross tracks (strangely the practice track is considered the tougher of the two). 

Fatcat regularly hosts national events and is open for practise every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Best off-road track for atmosphere

This is a contentious one, but because it’s so close to London and so accessible, sitting in the shadows of the QE2 road bridge south of Dartford just off the M25, Canada Heights always gets a huge crowd and they create a fantastic atmosphere, no matter who’s riding. 

Canada Heights has been a regular stop on the British Motocross Championship tour for a number of years.

The long uphill straight start is synonymous with Canada Heights and the mix of light sand and rock hard sections, as well as climbs, descents and spectacular jumps, elevate the competition and the atmosphere at Canada Heights.

Best off-road track for speed

Matterly Basin near Winchester in Hampshire is the home of the British Motocross Grand Prix and is tagged as one of the greatest MX tracks in the world. Certainly, it’s one of the fastest.

The undulating layout and stunt inspired jumps make Matterly a fabulous place to ride. It’s said to be eight-time world champion Tony Cairoli’s favourite track, and why not? 

The track sits in a natural amphitheatre, providing spectators with spectacular views of all the action. 

Best off-road track you have to try before you die

It’s a sight for sore eyes, steeped in history and a very demanding track, so we think Farleigh Castle is the off-road track you have to try before you die.

It’s one of the oldest motocross circuits in the world. It sits in the shadow of the medieval castle that gives the track its name in the Somerset village of Farleigh Hungerford a few miles from Bath.

It’s been a regular feature in the British motocross scene for decades and hosted the British Motocross Grand Prix for many years.

The track is not renowned for its precipitous hills or fresh air jumps, but instead for its famous steps that riders negotiate to descend the hill in the wooded section. These have tested and bested many experienced riders.

Best off-road track for beginners

If you’re a novice off-roader you’ll want to get a few gentler tracks under your belt before trying the white-knuckle rides of Hawkstone, Fatcat, Matterly, Canada Heights and the like.

A good starter course for beginners is Mildenhall MX in Norfolk. It’s a  light sand track and is great for getting used to riding in the soft mud and dirt. The track is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.


Photo by Lital Levy on Unsplash.

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