How old does a motorbike have to be to get classic insurance?

There’s nothing like owning a motorcycle, especially one that catches the eye of fellow riders.

And nothing catches the eye of fellow riders more than riding a classic motorcycle, but what classifies a motorbike to be a classic?

Usually, a motorcycle is considered to be a classic once it reaches 30-years-old, then it will generally qualify for classic insurance. However, some bikes from 1991 to 2006 can be deemed as ‘modern classics’.

Is classic motorcycle insurance different to standard bike cover?

Generally speaking, insurers may offer a lower premium for owners of a classic motorbike, for the following reasons:

  • As the owner of a classic motorcycle, it’s more likely that you’ll spend more time making sure that it’s kept in pristine condition, and that it’s well-maintained.
  • You’ll likely be riding it a lot less than a standard motorbike – for example, the majority of classic bike owners don’t tend to commute to work on a prized classic vehicle and the annual mileage covered tends to be a lot lower, with the bikes being used for “high days and holidays”.
  • Classic Bikes are less likely to be stolen
  • As well as not riding them so often, classic bikes are not ridden as hard and fast as their modern bike counterparts.

You ask the question – “Is Classic Motorcycle Insurance different to standard bike cover?” but aside from saying its cheaper, you don’t really say much else.

With a classic bike policy you can usually get an agreed value policy, so subject to providing some photos and completing a valuation form you can have the peace of mind of knowing what you’ll get in the event of a claim should the worst happen and the bike is a total loss. (I’d make more of a feature of this rather than just the bit at the bottom, so you might want to remove that)

The policy excess is also usually lower, often no more than £50 and Bikesure have some policies that have no excess at all in the event of a claim.

And if you’re an older motorcycle rider with a soft spot for the classics you used to ride when you were younger, you could take out our over 50s motorcycle insurance, which can actually get you a better deal.

These reasons mean it’s less likely that you’ll make a claim on your motorbike insurance, therefore insurers see you as less of a risk.

What if I have modified my classic motorcycle?

If you have modified your motorcycle you may be denied classic motorcycle insurance and will instead have to take out another premium. However, Bikesure are happy to allow any modifications to your bike, as long as they are within keeping to the styling of your bike and the classic bike ethos.

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August 8, 2023