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For bike nerds like us, one of the joys of January is planning a whole year of riding, with the prospect of lighter evenings to come. However, the post-Christmas lull and rubbish weather has got us feeling a little bit grumpy about it all. We started to think about what gets the average biker ranting and raving, and spoke to some fellow biking enthusiasts about it.

As it turns out, there are many pet hates associated with riding a motorbike. From impolite driving etiquette to roads full of potholes, the list grew and grew!

We’ve managed to narrow it down to Bikesure’s top 10 list of motorcyclists’ gripes. Let us know if you got as wound up as we did over it, and what you’d add to the list:

Motorcyclist pet hates
  • Phill Ramsden

    Too close is a massive bugbear of mine… I know I can stop, I doubt they can :/

  • souker

    Those new cars with no indicators.Tractors fouling country lanes. Goods vans beware driver of lowest standard and is usually an accident waiting to happen.

  • Dave Burton

    new cars with no indicators ???
    what planet are you on
    its illegal not to have indicators

  • Pete S

    TAILGATING!… any speed!
    …….and most cars don’t have indicators!………………apparently !……

  • Carl Jones

    I agree, it seems most Audi’s only have them as an optional extra.

  • Ciaron O’Sullivan

    the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.

  • Les Warburton

    Tailgating if I fell off I would be run over

  • Donald Robertson

    Drivers who drive slowly in national speed areas and speed in built up areas

  • steveau

    Driven by Audiots…

  • Guest

    Getting stopped by the police for speeding, and them never believing you when you say you’re on your own.

  • Simon

    Perhaps bikers could try sticking to the speed limits.

  • David Broad

    Pet hate, 160 MPH bikes ridden at 55 MPH. Morons holding me up in a 1400 cc Rover as they wobble round bends at half the speed my Guzzi Spada sails serenely round at.and quiet bikes you can’t hear. Noise is your No 1 safety feature. Ride safe, get a Red Fairing, Megaphones, No Number plate, Ducati. No 1 danger is plod. Broken bones heal, Bans take longer.

  • Selvakumar M

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