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Whether you are looking for advice, meet-ups local to you or someone to fight your corner when it comes to new legislations, then there is bound to be a biker group or club to suit.

As well as meeting like-minded people and having a wealth of knowledge and support available to you, being a member of a club or group members often means discounts. For example, Bikesure offers discounts of up to 25% off motorcycle insurance to members of its affiliated clubs.

There’s an owners’ club for just about every make and type of bike imaginable, from trikes, quads, sports bikes, Chinese scooters or mopeds to classic or custom bikes. Even groups based on interests, such as racing and green-laning and those based on location. Bikesure, the free-thinking motorcycle insurance broker, looks at three of the biggest biking groups who have helped defend the rights of motorcyclists and work alongside smaller groups and clubs as well as representing bikers in Governmental matters.

The British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF), set up in 1965, is the UK’s largest motorcycling organisation and one of the largest rider groups in the world, with 80,000 members, including over 350 affiliated clubs. The BMF is a member of government advisory groups; represented in Europe through FEMA and FIM; and, is a well respected and powerful lobbying group. As well as campaigning on many issues surrounding liberty, safety and security of motorcyclists’, the BMF organises Europe’s largest outdoor motorcycle show which attracts around 100,000 members.

The Motorcycle Action Group Ltd (MAG) is a motorcycle riders’ rights organisation with regional branches, which acts as a voice for bikers at both local and national government level. Since 1973 MAG has been campaigning to protect and promote motorcycling and the interests and rights of riders, from learner to advanced biker. MAG has set up the MAG Foundation, a registered charity, dedicated to motorcycle and scooter safety; raising awareness and understanding of a range of issues affecting motorcyclists, such as environmental and security issues; and, providing research and representation on behalf of bikers to Government, the industry, other riders’ organisations and the media.

For bikers with a disability, there is the National Association of Bikers with a Disability (NABD). Established in 1991, the NABD started life as six bikers from the Stockport and Manchester area who refused to accept the idea that disabled people could not ride motorcycles, scooters, or trikes. They initially set out to help disabled people to adapt motorcycles and ride independently. The NABD, a registered charity, has over 5,000 individual members, working alongside 200 affiliated groups and businesses, and has helped set up groups worldwide. The NABD has consulted with and worked alongside the DVLA, DfT, DVSA and the European Parliament, providing a voice for disabled riders. It also runs two annual rallies and provides information and advice at many motorcycle and disability shows and events.

Bikesure is the official insurance partner of BMF, MAG and NABD.

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