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Looking back at the greatest mopeds of our youth:

Take a walk around the centres of the UK’s towns and cities at college closing time and you’ll almost certainly be able to pick out the piercing whine of a clutch of mopeds, 16-year-olds proudly perched on top, daringly racing off at traffic lights.

Riding a moped might bring a splash of cool to the lives of kids just out of high school, a newfound sense of freedom on the open road, but the truth is that the ‘peds of today are a far cry from the seventies sports mopeds ridden by their parents’ generation.

Gone are the iconic, vintage-styled mopeds that emulated full-blown motorbikes, the feel of metal and exhaust replaced instead by a sea of identical plastic Chinese scooters that ferry would-be rebels back and forth from school to skate park.

Well, enough is enough.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of our favourite moped, the unforgettable and irreplaceable Yamaha FS1E ‘Fizzy’, we’re throwing out the modern and harking back to better days with this, our guide to iconic mopeds of the 1970s and 80s.

A brief history of mopeds

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