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Man fixing motorcycle tyre in garage


04 Oct 2021

Caring for your motorcycle tyres: the complete guide

We explain everything you need to know about caring for your motorcycle tyres.

Ride On

28 Sep 2021

Ride On: Meet Bikesure’s oldest and youngest riders, aged 96 and 16

Ron has eight decades of riding behind him, Sam has only just got his first bike. Here they reveal all about their love of motorcycling.

Rusty chrome motorcycle with sea in the background


17 Sep 2021

How to remove rust from a chrome motorcycle

We outline the best ways of removing rust from a chrome motorcycle.

Ride On

16 Sep 2021

Ride On: A guide to biker slang and terminology

We define biker slang and terminology to help you feel right at home in the motorcycle community.

Learner motorcyclist riding slalom in between cones


14 Sep 2021

Basic bike maintenance tips every new rider should know

We break down the top tips learner drivers need to know to ensure their car is safe on the road once they’ve passed their test.