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Helmet, Leathers and Kit

19 Jan 2021

The best gear for riding your motorcycle in winter

While many riders swear off motorbiking completely in the winter, some enjoy the challenge of riding in cold and icy conditions – or they need to do so for work. If you’re one of the heroic few, we hope you’re wrapped up for the occasion. Take a look at our best winter motorcycle gear picks,… Read more »


14 Jan 2021

10 new motorcycles to get excited about in 2021

UK motorcycle buyers will be spoilt for choice this year, due to the vast nature of bike manufacturers’ latest designs and models taking to the road. This year will see some of the most innovative bikes in history being released for riders, many of which are either fully electric or hybrid, but which is the… Read more »

imported motorbikes


14 Jan 2021

Imported motorbikes — how will they be affected by Brexit?

The last-minute trade agreement between the UK and the EU means new imported motorbikes are unlikely to rise in price significantly as a result of changing trade tariffs now that Britain has quit the European Economic community.  The agreement means that new imported motorbikes will not incur extra trade tariffs that would have made them… Read more »

motorbike in europe


07 Jan 2021

Do you need a Green Card for your motorbike in Europe?

The Bikesure team clarify some of the uncertainties left by Brexit and answer your questions about Green Cards and whether you will need a Green Card to ride your motorbike in Europe. What is a Green Card? Green Cards are International Motor Insurance Certificates (IMICs) issued by insurers, guaranteeing that you hold the necessary third-party… Read more »


21 Dec 2020

The Bikesure guide for new motorbike riders

When you’re just starting out, the motorcycling world can be a little overwhelming. From choosing and buying your first bike and getting it insured, to knowing what gear to wear and how to stay safe on the roads, there’s a lot to learn in a short amount of time.