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25 Feb 2020

12 companies leading the charge in electric motorcycle manufacturing

Welcome back to the future. Bikesure takes its latest dive into the state of electric motorcycles, looking at the best bikes currently available and some of the most intriguing ones coming soon. Harley-Davidson After many years of development Harley-Davidson finally released its first electric bike in 2019, the Livewire. Wasting no time, they are teasing… Read more »

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24 Feb 2020

How old does a motorbike have to be to get classic insurance?

There’s nothing like owning a motorcycle, especially one that catches the eye of fellow riders.    And nothing catches the eye of fellow riders than riding a classic motorcycle, but what classifies a motorbike to be a classic?    Usually a motorcycle is considered to be a classic once it reaches 30-years-old, then it will… Read more »


19 Feb 2020

The Ultimate Guide to ULEZ for Motorcycles

The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in Central London was established in April 2019. If a vehicle enters the ULEZ and does not meet the required emissions standards, a £12.50 fee will be charged to the driver. Although the ULEZ affects all vehicles types, from mopeds to minibuses, this guide will help you understand the… Read more »


14 Feb 2020

10 of the Best Electric Dirt Bikes – Electric Motocross & Off Road Bikes

With sustainability currently at the forefront of everyone’s mind, you may be considering purchasing an electric bike. Without any fuel consumption, these bikes create zero emissions while still offering the same adrenaline-fuelled ride. Whether it’s a dirt, motocross, off road or trail bike, read this article to find the best electric vehicles on the market…. Read more »


10 Feb 2020

NAWA electric hybrid bike steals the show at CES 2020

When it comes to motorcycle brands, NAWA is not the first name that springs to mind, but they are one of the most forthright manufacturers in the industry. The French company recently unveiled the NAWA Racer at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, and while it’s not the first electric motorcycle on the market, the prototype… Read more »