The best Bullit motorcycles

Bullit motorcycles

Bullit the Belgium-based brand has changed its operating name to Bluroc Motorcycles but their retro bikes are still turning heads. This blog provides the complete guide to Bullit/Bluroc motorcycles and identifies the most popular models available in the UK and offers an insight as to how they perform. 

Who are Bullit motorcycles?

This blog provides the complete guide to Bullit/Bluroc motorcycles and explains which models are available in the UK and how they perform. 

Bullit Motorcycles is a Belgium-based, small capacity motorcycle manufacturer launched in 2013 but first unveiled to the British market in 2015. The company’s trading name changed to Bluroc in October 2021. 

Though designed in Belgium, these bikes are manufactured by partner factories in China. If you are familiar with Mash motorcycles you’ll get the idea of what to expect from Bullit models. 

Inspired by classic models from the 60s, Bullit bikes have a great retro feel while focussing on smaller bikes for new riders, A2 licence holders and riders who prefer a classic lightweight feel.

Which models are in the Bullit/Bluroc motorcycle range?

The five most popular models offered to the UK market in the Bullit/Bluroc motorcycle range are: 

  • Bullit Hunt 125
  • Bullit Hero 125
  • Bullit Spirit 125
  • Bullit Hero 250
  • V-Bob 250

What are the bikes’ specs and vital stats?

Three Bullit models share the same 125cc, 11.5bhp, four stroke air cooled engine. They have an electric starter and five manual gears.

Two Bullit models share the same 250cc engine, with four-stroke air cooled engine, electric starter and five manual gears. 

Here’s a bike by bike breakdown to the most popular Bullit bikes available: 

Bullit Hunt 125

Bullit motorcycles
All pictures Bullit/Bluroc motorcycles.

With it’s old school retro design the Hunt 125 is a real crowd pleaser. Standout design features include the cool retro grips and tank pads, peashooter silencer and pleated seat.

But it’s not built for looks alone. High bars, sit-up riding position, light steering and sympathetic suspension – USD front forks and oil damping twin shock to the rear – make for a very comfortable ride. 

There’s plenty of poke too making the Hunt 125 equally home out on a run or in traffic around town.

Being a Chinese manufactured machine, as you might expect, it also represents good value for money priced at under £2,500. And because of that attractive retro styling and reliability means it will hold its value in the second hand market too. 

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Bullit Hero 125

Bullit motorcycles

With an adjustable seat height of 86cm – 91cm and wide bars, the riding position is very comfortable, especially if you’re on the tall side. The high up saddle gives you a great sense of control and a very commanding view of the road ahead.

Chunky Kingstone tyres look great for off-roading but they make the handling a little lazy around town. But the throaty exhaust will be music to any biker’s ears. 

Beware the speedo, however. It only displays in km per hour rather than miles. 

The Hero 125 is a fun scrambler-style bike with a look and ride like nothing you would have expected when you started out on the road to getting your full licence. This model will set you back around £2,500, which is, again, great VFM. 

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Bullit Spirit 125

Bullit motorcycles

The Spirit 125 is Bullit’s entry level offering in the uber cool cafe racer market. The stripped down look, narrow tank, blacked-out headlight, and bump seat are clearly inspired  by the spirit of the 60s.

Lean, light and ground hugging, the Spirit 125 delivers superbly in terms of ride satisfaction and excitement, even at moderate speeds.

Reliability is rarely going to be an issue with a Chinese built bike but The Spirit may seem a little under-owered and braking with front and rear disk CBS system a little laboured. 

However, you get what you pay for and value for money is a common theme when talking about Bullit motorcycles. This one retails at just £2,395 new. 

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Bullit Hero 250

Bullit Motorcycles

The newest model in the Bullit range, the Hero 250 has all the cool styling of the 125 but delivers twice the spice, producing around 25.8bhp from its single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke engine.

Upside down forks, a custom designed Fastec rear shock and single front and rear disc brakes equipped with ABS, combine to deliver a very rewarding ride. Throw in the retro bench leather seat, knobbly tyres, single front headlamp and cool exhaust design and you’ll have the street cool to complement the ride quality. 

The new model is available in three colours; black and gold, white or titanium grey which is used on the 125. Showroom price is £3,999.

Bullit V-Bob 250

Bullit motorcycles

The V-Bob is a chunky v-twin style bobber hybrid with a low, muscular silhouette. It has the bobber’s trademark sculpted, knee indented fuel tank, cowled headlamp, and squared-off, shortened mudguards but there are a host of extras making this machine stand out from the crowd. 

LED headlights, USB port, ABS and belt drive are all unique features in this segment but on the V-Bob they are offered as standard.

The V-Bob weighs just 179kg, fully fuelled, so handling is not an issue making it perfect for new riders and A2 licence holders but more experienced riders may feel the 17bhp delivered by the air cooled four stroke leaves the machine a tad sluggish. 

Great Insurance for the full Bullit range

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