Carl Fogarty: 15 of Foggy’s favourite things

Motorbike legend Carl Fogarty has a host of memories after lifting the World Superbike Championship four times, winning TV’s I’m a Celebrity and being made an MBE, here he takes time out to talk about some of Foggy’s favourite things.


Foggy’s favourite motorbike

“It’s got to be the Ducati 916 which I rode for the World Superbike Championship in 1995. It was just a dream to ride and it enabled me to dominate the championship from round 1. 

“It had a top speed of about 190mph which is fast, but when you’re on the straight it’s never fast enough. You always want to squeeze a little extra out. 

“But the Ducati was such a great bike because when you came to a corner and had to brake and drop a couple of gears you still felt totally in control.

“I had the 916 right through the championships from 1994 through to 2000. They modified it, made a few changes and gave it a new model number but it was still the same shape and basically the same model as the 916.”

Foggy has a Ducati 916 in his extensive bike collection — the one he owns was the bike on which he won the 98 world championship. It’s now in museum condition and it’s not turned a wheel since crossing the finishing line in Japan to lift his third championship 22 years ago. 

Foggy’s favourite car

“Actually, I have three of them and I wouldn’t be without any one of them. I have an Audi R8, an Isuzu D Max pickup truck and a VW Transporter.

“The Audi is my everyday car, it’s a supercar but it’s so easy to drive and very comfortable. The two workers are the Isuzu and the Transporter which are both great for getting  my bikes and gear around the country.”


Foggy’s favourite UK race track

“I’m not being greedy, but again I have three. There’s Donnington Park which seems to have been built for the way I ride. It was like riding around one great big right hand corner, which suited me down to the ground. 

“I loved Oulton Park too and Aintree which was kind of my hometown track. A lot of people don’t realise there used to be a race track at Aintree, but I used to race there as a kid and dream of being world champion.

“The circuit makes up most of the perimeter and access for the Grand National nowadays but it used to be quite famous and I think there was a Grand Prix there back in the 50s.”

Foggy’s favourite international race track

“It has to be Assen in Holland. It holds more than 100,000 people and again it was one of those tracks that seemed to have been built for just the way I ride. Lots of corners, lots of curves, lots of braking and gear changes. 

“It clearly suited my style of riding because I won 12 out of 14 races there.” 

Foggy was renowned for his high corner speed riding style and aggressive competitiveness, which brought him 59 victories on route to his four World Superbike Championships.

Foggy’s favourite UK roadtrip

“I went from north to south Wales last year off-roading and I crossed an awful lot of really nice roads with fantastic views.

“I think my favourite trip would be north to south Wales again but following the coast road when I could and going across the top of the mountains.

“I quite fancy Scotland too and the Lake District but, to be honest, up here near Blackburn I’m spoiled for choice and there are some amazing runs through the Ribble Valley too.”


Foggy’s favourite international road trip

“I did Spain before lockdown earlier this year but I think it’s got to be the Alps summer run, quite a few of my friends have done that and told me it’s amazing.

“Perhaps start in Italy and take in Switzerland before dropping down to Monaco and France. On a road trip like that you don’t go crazy. You take your time and stop now and again to enjoy the views.”

Foggy’s favourite race win

“It’s just about 25 years since I had a win double at Brands Hatch which put me in control of the 95 world championship.

“I’d never won a race there before but here I was in front of a crowd of more than 50,000 people and I won twice in record speeds and with record lap-times. 

“It was the most amazing weekend. Everything that could go my way did so and it was a fantastic experience.”

Foggy’s favourite championship win

“To be honest they have all meant so much to me but I suppose if you have to pick one it would be the first because once you have won one, they just can’t take it away from you.

“It was even more special because it was the last race of the year and it was on the other side of the world.”

Foggy’s favourite TV comedy show

“I don’t really watch a lot of TV but I would have to go for a classic and it has to be Only Fools and Horses. No matter how many times you see it, you laugh. 

“I also love the Simpsons which I watch every evening while I’m having my tea. Homer really is my hero!”


Foggy’s favourite TV drama

“I really enjoy my comedy so I’m not that big on dramas but during lockdown I have tuned into a lot of Netflix stuff. Gangs of London and White Lines are two series I particularly enjoyed.”

Foggy’s favourite film

“It has to be comedy, something like The Hangover with Bradley Cooper.”

Foggy’s favourite actor to play Carl Fogarty in a film of his life

“I’ve not really thought about that but I suppose it would have to be someone who looked a lot like me… Brad Pitt?”

Foggy’s favourite band

“That’s easy, that’s Oasis. I love my music and listen to a lot of it. I was really into the Britpop thing in the 90s. Their first three albums  — Definitely Maybe, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? And Be Here Now  — were superb.

“And my favourite track is Oasis too, Live Forever, which they used to play on Sky Sports when I won the 94 world championship.  

“If anyone asks I always tell them they can play that at my funeral!”


Foggy’s favourite possession

“It’s funny you should ask that because I’m staring at it right now. It’s my lucky green vest that I wore virtually for every race from 93-2000. 

“They had to cut it from my back when I crashed and ended up in a crumpled heap at Phillip Island in Australia [the crash that subsequently ended Foggy’s career].

“The green vest was in bits when they gave it back to me but I held on to it and eventually had it restitched and it’s on display in a glass frame on the wall at home.”

Foggy’s favourite insurance company

That has to be Bikesure the specialist motorcycle and scooter insurance broker.

Foggy has been affiliated to Bikesure for a number of years, attending events and photoshoots around the country, filming videos, appearing in many adverts and even riding with customers on special track days.

Keep an eye out in the weeks, months and years ahead for more from Foggy and Bikesure, and keep checking the Bikesure blog and social media channels for news of upcoming events, as and when they are permitted post lockdown. 


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August 8, 2023