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Price comparison sites may be convenient, but what if they can’t generate a quote for your moped insurance? What can you do next if the computer says no? Check out our tips. 

Getting a computer generated motorcycle insurance quote from a website like Go Compare or Compare the Market should be simple. But what if, after you’ve completed the form, it doesn’t throw up any results? 

The drawback with computer generated quotes is that they are inflexible — the questions you have to answer are predetermined. 

Also, the quote is requested online and there is no human interaction so no one can step in and make a commonsense judgement on the data that is entered. 

If your answers don’t tick all the boxes, the computer probably won’t provide a quote and your moped insurance will be declined. 

Also, there is very little room for manoeuvre with computer quotes — its a fixed price and it usually comes in higher than it would from a broker dealing in personalised quotes.

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Why have I been rejected for a moped insurance quote?

You could find yourself refused a moped insurance quote for many reasons, such as if you: 

  • have a high value bike 
  • don’t hold a No Claims Bonus 
  • don’t have a garage in which to leave the bike overnight 
  • have modified your bike
  • Have a history of claims or convictions

What should I do if the computer does say no?

It need not be the end of the road for your motorcycling dream. It is highly probable that there is still a suitable moped insurance policy out there for you. You will just need a little expert help in finding it and here’s some advice. 

Don’t be tempted to lie just to get an insurance quote

An insurance policy is a legally binding agreement and if you knowingly give false information your cover could be invalidated and you could face a criminal conviction.

Research shows that up to one in 10 of us have been economical with the truth when filling out their insurance proposal form.

Among the most common “lies” are non-disclosure of modifications, forgetting previous claims and promising to garage the vehicle overnight when none is available. 

Don’t be tempted – it just isn’t worth it. 

Call a specialist insurer or broker such as Bikesure

Tom Clay from Bikesure said: “One call to us and a quick chat with one of our insurance experts could resolve the issues you are having. It may well end up that your perceived problems are no problem at all.

“We don’t rely on a computer at Bikesure, we offer truly personalised quotes. 

“We pride ourselves on offering insurance cover to motorbike riders from every walk of life — even when other companies struggle we can usually find a policy.

“We ask a variety of questions to get to know and understand the risk better and we can work out with the client how best to maximise their moped insurance cover and reduce the cost of their premium with a variety of discounts.”

Tom added: “Open disclosure is key for both parties. For example, some people will think an insurer would run a mile from a bike with lots of mods.

“But that’s not true. We understand that time, effort, love and care has gone into getting the bike just the way you want it.

“That means the owner will take extra care of it, so those mods, either cosmetic or performance enhancing, may not add much to the premium.”

Look at how to get discounts on moped insurance

Moped insurance with Bikesure is already great value for money but you can save even more money and the team will help you secure a variety of discounts for:

  • Extra security precautions such as Thatcham approved alarms and trackers
  • Motorcycle club membership
  • Proven performance bike experience
  • Agreed limited mileage deals
  • Garaging overnight
  • No Claims Bonus

When you talk to Bikesure you can learn about extras to help you protect the things you care about.

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What extras do Bikesure offer on moped insurance policies?

Bikesure moped insurance policies come with some great benefits, including free-of-charge legal cover up to £100,000, and there is a stack of optional extras available including:

  • Mechanical breakdown cover
  • Keycare cover
  • Cover for your leathers and helmet up to £2,000
  • Cover to ride any bike
  • Multi-bike policies

If the computer said “no” to your moped insurance, give yourself a break and get a quote from a real person, probably a bike lover and definitely an insurance expert, at Bikesure. The best prices are usually found over the phone: 0330 123 1028.

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