Tips on choosing a trickle charger for your laid-up motorbike

It’s well worth investing in a trickle charger if your are planning to lay up your motorbike for the winter.

The battery is one element that needs regular attention and if it is left to completely discharge while the bike is in storage it won’t charge up as effectively when you are ready to hit the road again.

This can be overcome by connecting a trickle charger to the battery while the bike is off the road.

A trickle charger is essentially a slow battery charger that keeps the battery topped up at its discharge rate so that you can set off in the spring safe in the knowledge that your battery isn’t unexpectedly going to let you down.

Experts at Bikesure, the specialist motorcycle insurance arm of Adrian Flux insurance, advised you make sure you use a trickle charger designed specifically for motorcycle batteries. Trickle chargers designed for cars deliver more current than a motorcycle battery needs or can cope with and they can damage it.  

Bikesure has looked at the trickle chargers on the market and picked out five products to suit a variety of bikes.

motorbike trickle charger


  • The Ultimate Finish has a comprehensive range of trickle chargers and one of special interest to motorcyclists who may be storing their bike in a shed without a power supply is a solar power charger such as the RING RSP150 1.5W Solar Battery Maintainer – Batteries up to 50Ah.
  • Amazon offer a cheap little BikeTek mains trickle charger that will do the job and is perfect for bikers with a limited budget.
  • Wemco’s Ring RSCX1 Intelligent charger can be left plugged in for long periods of time which makes it attractive to those who might live a little distance from where they store their bike. Or for those who just can’t be bothered to walk to the shed or garage in the cold weather.
  • The Oxford Oximiser 900 Motorcycle Battery Trickle Charger from White Dog claims that it can be left permanently connected to the battery during lay-ups. It has an LCD display to show real time information about the battery condition.
  • Motorcycle Battery Chargers have a water-resistant  BatteryFighter with a four-stage fully automatic charging program.

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