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When you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on a motorcycle or scooter you have to think of a way to shield it from the elements when you are not riding it. Also with another wave of UK snow forecast at the end of this week, it’s a good idea to ensure you’re covered. The ideal solution is a lockable brick-built garage, but this just isn’t an option for everyone. Bikesure, the specialist motorcycle arm of Adrian Flux Insurance Services, has put together the following tips and suggestions about choosing the right weatherproof cover.

  • The cheapest way of covering a motorcycle is to use a tarp. It will keep the rain off, but there are huge drawbacks. Tarps will chafe on the paintwork and chrome causing lasting damage. They also trap moisture leading to electrical problems and are difficult to anchor down securely.
  • There are inexpensive waterproof covers on the market. Before you buy, check for eyelet holes to keep the cover tight so that it does not blow off and check if it is heat resistant or it will melt on the exhaust when you put the bike away. Companies such as Motor Bike Crazy offer a comprehensive range of affordable covers.
  • If you want a cover that you can take to track events then you need to consider how easy it will be to fold up and how much room it will take to transport. Dust Off Covers specialises in motorcycle covers and can offer expect advice on exactly the right cover for your make and model.
  • Think about just what you are protecting your bike from other than wind and rain, such as bird droppings, tree sap, damaging UV rays and industrial pollution all demand a high quality material and good fitting cover. Cover Your Bike supplies superior covers made to order and to exactly fit the bike even if you have panniers.
  • For those wanting to go one step further and have a free-standing structure in which to park their bikes, Protech Shelters offers a clever hut-like enclosure. The Bike Huts are completely waterproof and provide ample space for most bikes. Some models even have enough space for cleaning or maintenance work.
  • And the most permanent solution, if you’ve got the space, is a galvanized steel motorcycle garage such as those stocked by Garden Buildings Direct. These usually have a ramp for easy access and locking doors. Optional extension packs mean you can fit in larger bikes.

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