10 must have iPhone motorcycle apps

Dynolicious app – $12.99

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Dynolicious is the first automotive performance meter available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Dynolicious uses the hardware built-in to your iPhone to measure the performance characteristics of your vehicle. No external wires or equipment are necessary, simply slip the iPhone into a cradle or cupholder and go!

Featured Highlights:

  • 0-60 Acceleration
  • 1/4 Mile Trap Speed and Time
  • Estimated Horsepower
  • G-forces in 360°

MOTO KIT & app for iPhone – 39€

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The MOTO KIT for iPhone consists of a forearm or handlebar-mounted waterproof iPhone case, an in-helmet hands-free kit and an optional external battery.

Which leads on to the…
iBike Rider – £ 26.71
Review | Official site

Are you are biker? Do you have an iPhone? Tired of missing calls? You want your iPhone to be a GPS or radar warning? It is finally possible! iBike Rider meets all your needs! You’ve acquired the best smartphone ever made! Enjoy it!

2XL Supercross game – $7.99

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From the review: “I could watch the intro over and over, the graphics are unreal and the game play is stellar. It’s fast as hell on an iPhone 3GS and the controls are the best. Turning the iPhone is so natural you feel like you are really riding the bike. This is not only the best motorcycle racing game on the iPhone, it’s the best motorcycle racing game on any platform and that includes the PS3 and XBOX 360.”

Moto Chaser game – $1.99

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The hottest racing action for your iPhone and iPod touch! Grab your bike and hit the road with Wingnuts Moto Chaser! Developed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch, Moto Chaser provides a unique racing experience.

Trapster app – the application is free

Review | official site

From the review: “Did you miss the days when folks would high-beam you with their headlights to warn you of parked police cars ahead? Those hiding police will get you if you’re not careful these days. Now you can have a modernised high-tech high beam solution in Trapster. Consistent use and reliance on the goodwill of others will steer you clear of speed traps.”

FGPnow app (For Canada) – free

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FGPnow! is a free mobile application that shows Canadians tomorrow’s gas price around 5pm every day. Version 1.0 will provide gas prices for Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Future versions will include prices for additional major cities.

MotoGP live timing app – $2.99

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MotoGP season 2009 at your finger tips. The official MotoGP iPhone application is your window to LIVE TIMING race information:

Race lap, rider position, lap time, gap time, top speed. Get updates lap by lap from the comfort of your home, on the go or at the circuit! The MotoGP iPhone application also provides access to race results, championship results, latest news, rider profiles and a huge photo gallery. The photo gallery is updated for each race and features official photos of circuits, riders, racing action and “paddock girls”.

AccuFuel app – $0.99

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AccuFuel™ Fuel Efficiency Tracker makes monitoring your vehicle’s fuel efficiency simple and fun. Is your SUV guzzling gasoline? Is your hybrid saving you money? With AccuFuel, you’ll instantly see how your driving habits affect your fuel efficiency.

WeatherBug app – free or £0.59 for elite

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WeatherBug is the only source for truly live, local weather, providing users access to the largest network of professional weather stations in the US and thousands of locations around the world. Choose WeatherBug or WeatherBug Elite and put live, local weather in the palm of your hand.

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