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After a stunning April of hot weather and high pollen counts, it was soon May … I had been hoping for much of the same as we packed the car up and headed to the Peterborough BMF.

I was wrong

Rain … all that was forecast was rain. I really shouldn’t have got my hopes up as for the last 10 years the heavens have opened on the show on now less than 8 occasions!

We didn’t really need the sat nav as being based in Kings Lynn the journey took less than an hour…including a quick stop at Tescos for “refreshments” … cough, cough!

Tagging along with the me in the Bikesure posse were Jon (quote clerk), Jemma (PA ) and Laura ( renewals staff ).

Bikesure hoodies line up for their mugshot

Bikesure hoodies line up for their mugshot

A quick check in at the hotel and we all convened for a couple of beers and a chat, mainly about hair, make up and clothes … we were soon joined by the girls ( these jokes don’t get any better )

Saturday morning and me and Jon arrived at the showground with Bikesure tent in hand. After doing these shows for over a year now the setting up took all of 3 minutes.

Just before the heavens opened we were joined by the quotes team with laptops in hand we were up and running with quotes!

We like red

We like

Now I know what you readers of this blog like to see and its not pictures of us working. So to rush things along I will let you know that we had a blast, sold policy’s and gave out loads of freebies.

I never knew you could spend £8.50 on pic n mix but I did!

We met loads of people over the weekend and a few familiar faces. Special mention to Mo from the Bandit Owners club (of which we are the official insurer ) who kept us going with tea and coffee. Also a shout out to that BMF man who lent us the use of the buggy … good work!

As the company are getting bigger and better, we hope to keep attending this show as many years as possible. So be sure to pop into the red tent next time your down and come say hi.

The less said about the last photo the better … but what a lovely white fence!

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