Bikesure at the UK launch of the Can-Am Spyder

Tuesday 13th May saw part of Silverstone racecourse taken over by Can-Am for them to showcase their new “Spyder” to prospective clients. The Spyder is a revolutionary new vehicle that combines the performance of a motorcycle, with the extra stability of a trike.

The main emphasis for the day was for clients to come down for the day and try out the vehicle for themselves and really get a hands-on feel.

As the biggest insurer of trikes in the UK, Bikesure were asked to come along on the day and offer quotations on the spot and share an insight on what it takes to get it road legal. Attending was me and show virgin Helen who seemed to enjoy the day basking in the hot spring sunshine whilst quoting and Dave our dealer liaison representative.

The day was a great success with all our quotes bringing near enough the same reaction “is that all?” This is a great indication that our markets are ever getting stronger and we are always looking to push a more tailor-made approach to specialist vehicles.

Unfortunately, the nearest I got to try out one of these great looking bikes was sitting on it and making the noise of the engine like you do when your 4. To be fair my mental age isn’t too far off that so it’s understandable.

Stay tuned

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