Helmet, Leathers and Kit, Quads

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Just finished reading an article in Shooting Times dated 9th August on ATV safety, it goes on to mention accidents from celebrities to the general public highlighting the dangers to ride quads without having the correct equipment (not wearing a helmet is the main factor).

I have spent an afternoon on a quad bike with a group of lads going on a trail and circuits on a farm, well worth the money and yes we had to wear all of the safety gear before we were allowed near the quad.

So, when an individual purchases a quad privately why do they just get on and go without thinking of safety. I am not a killjoy and like to feel the wind in my hair (what is left of it) to enjoy the adrenaline and excitement of riding quads but sooner or later the government will step in to ensure that helmets must be worn when riding a quad.

Think about it before you ride as this could save your life and it is worth more than the cost of a helmet.

You can read Bikesure’s tips on quad safety here.