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Trekking, trails, circuits, on- and off-road! Bikesure has picked out the best places on the planet to get your knobbies out and powerslide on your quad or ATV.

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So, you’ve fallen in love with four-wheelers. Whether you’ve bought your own budget quad bike, gone all out on a top-notch one, or just used one for a stag weekend or one-off adventure, you’ve been bitten by the bug.

Now you want to try new and exciting tracks, trails and circuits – maybe even just take in a scenic road tour. All of these are options: the world is full of purpose-built adventures and natural safaris, perfect for ATVs. So, whether you’re in Bali or Bournemouth, Kerala or Kent, there’s a quad bike adventure waiting to help you hone your skills.

Bikesure has picked the planet’s best quad and ATV experiences from trekking to racing, off-road to scenic tours, so that you can enjoy quad biking wherever you are.

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United Kingdom


Statistics on Wales
Name Quad Challenge
Location Near Swansea
Thrills 4/5
Scenery 2/5
Difficulty 4/5
Quad Challenge have a purpose built woodland centre that offers “something more exciting than the usual trail ride around a farmer’s field!” and boast the “best natural quad biking terrain in the UK”. They also offer a range of experiences from private group rides to extended runs.

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