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Vespa Insurance

Why get specialist Vespa insurance? Whilst scooter insurance from mainstream insurers isn’t specific to your needs, insurance from a specialist provider can ensure that your policy will be tailored to you. There are many reasons why you might want to consider a specialist Vespa policy over standard insurance. This might be because your scooter fills […]

Scooter Insurance

Classic, modified or imported, Bikesure has the right policy for your scooter.

Moped Insurance

Whether you’re a newbie to the moped world or an experienced rider we can insure you.

Lambretta Insurance

Why get specialist Lambretta insurance? Lambrettas were mainly made between 1947 and 1972. Whilst they are starting to be made again more recently, you’ll find that most Lambretta models are considered classics. Only a few thousand were made of some models, meaning they are often quite difficult to find. With specialist Lambretta insurance from a […]

Chinese Scooter Insurance

Competitive quotes for all makes and models of Chinese scooter, even if no one else has heard of them.

Policy Upgrades

Bikesure offer a range of upgrades and extra benefits, at low prices, so you can add just the additional cover you need to your policy without breaking the bank.