Policy Upgrades

Bikesure offer a range of upgrades and extra benefits, at low prices, so you can add just the additional cover you need to your policy without breaking the bank.


If you've ever lost your keys you'll know that it's no laughing matter. For just £17.00 when bought with a motorcycle policy, locksmiths expenses for all the keys on your fob are covered if they are stolen, lost for 3 days, or if they are locked inside your home or vehicle. Replacement locks, immobiliser expenses and transport costs to get home, if you're unfortunate enough to be stranded, are also included. You can claim up to £1,500 per fob, per year. Insure yourself against the annoyance of lost keys today. The policy is underwritten by Ageas Insurance Company Limited.

Licence Defence

With access to legal advice when you need it most, and providing help negotiating some of the most complex legal and police paperwork, Licence Defence's expert team could help any biker to avoid making mistakes while contesting their conviction or fine. To find out more about Licence Defence, and how it could help you for just £19.99 a year, contact our team today on 0800 369 8580

Bicycle Breakdown

The nightmare of your cycle breaking down puts all of your plans on hold. Hanging around by the roadside for hours, thwarted plans or a long walk home mean that a comprehensive breakdown policy is an essential consideration for any cyclist. For just £17 a year, when bought with a pedal cycle insurance policy, Pedal Cycle Rescue includes gold-standard cover for the insured cycle in the UK, puncture repair, transport to your destination or back home. Get complete roadside peace of mind today. The policy is underwritten by Trinity Lane.