Multi Bike Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you collect and restore vintage bikes or can't choose just one bike from your collection to regularly ride, multi bike insurance could be for you. Here we answer all your burning questions about multi bike policies.

What is multi bike insurance?

Multi bike insurance is exactly what it sounds like – an insurance policy that covers someone who has multiple motorbikes. Rather than insuring each motorbike on a separate policy, multi bike insurance covers all of them under one policy and one premium.

Is multi bike insurance cheaper than insuring each bike separately?

Yes. The amount you can save depends on the style of bike or level of no claims bonus (NCB) you have. NCBs can only be used on one policy at a time, meaning that if you were to insure each bike separately, you could only apply your NCB to one bike. The remaining bikes would need to be insured without your NCB, resulting in higher premiums. In contrast, multi bike insurance covers all motorcycles under a single policy. So, your NCB is applied to all of them.

How many bikes can I have on a multi bike policy?

Some insurance providers have a limit to the number of bikes per policy, but others cater for an unlimited amount. As Bikesure uses a variety of insurers, there is no limit to the number of motorcycles you can insure on one policy.

Can I add bikes to my existing motorcycle insurance policy?

You can add one or more bikes (up to the limit, if you have one) at any time during the term. As you can only ride one bike at a time, rates for additional bikes are low.

Can I insure two motorbikes under one policy but with different levels of cover?

In most cases, cover will need to be the same across all bikes. If you need different levels of cover, we'll be happy to discuss your needs.

Will cover for additional bikes have different renewal dates?

No. Any bikes that are added to your policy mid-term will have different start dates, but will renew at the same time.

Will I earn no claims bonus on each bike?

Your no claims bonus (NCB) will be earnt on the main bike only, assuming there are no claims made during your policy term that affect it. A claim made on any bike covered by your policy can affect your NCB, not just your main bike.

Why do my documents show 0 (zero) no claims bonus and 0.01p premium?

As your no claims bonus and premium is listed on the main bike, any additional bikes will show 0 (zero) no claims bonus and a minimal premium.

Can I remove one or more motorcycles from my multi bike policy?

Yes, motorcycles can be removed or replaced at any time. You don't need to cancel your policy mid-term if you only have one bike left to cover. Instead, you can retain the multi bike policy until the end of the term, adding one or more motorcycles during this time as required.

Will I get a refund when I remove a bike from my policy?

Additional bike fees are usually a minimal amount which means there is no refund due back on cancellation.

Can I have more than one rider on a policy?

It's possible. However, most insurers will only cover one rider, meaning the premium will be less competitive.

Why does each bike have a different policy number when they are part of the same policy?

Every bike needs to be listed on the Motor Insurance Database individually, meaning each one needs its own number.

Will breakdown cover apply to all motorbikes?

No. You need to choose which bike you'd like the breakdown cover to apply to or you can buy additional breakdown cover at a reduced cost.

What are the benefits of multi bike insurance?

The biggest benefit of multi bike insurance is that it allows you to insure multiple motorcycles on one policy. This means you'll only have one premium to pay and one renewal date, making the insurance process far easier than setting up multiple single bike policies.