Licence Defence Legal Assistance Insurance Policy Quotes

Every year in the UK, hundreds of thousands of bikers and drivers receive fixed penalty notices or motoring convictions for offences like speeding, using their mobiles on the road, and careless or dangerous driving.

And, unless you're able to spend thousands of pounds on legal fees, most people will miss out on the opportunity to contest their convictions, to appeal speeding tickets, and to try and avoid receiving punishing fines and points on their licence.

To help bikers to navigate the sometimes confusing and costly world of legal processes and police paperwork, and to help you to avoid convictions where you feel you've been wrongly accused, Bikesure provides legal assistance policies from Licence Defence, that can be added to any motorbike insurance policy.

Providing access to a specialist helpline operated by motoring law experts, the help of legal experts when completing paperwork and when dealing with the police, and specialist representation in court, Licence Defence could help you to avoid costly fines and points, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer.

To find out more about Licence Defence, and how it could help you for just £19.99 a year, contact our team today on 0800 369 8580 or click the callback button.

What Does Licence Defence Provide?

With access to legal advice when you need it most, and providing help negotiating some of the most complex legal and police paperwork, Licence Defence's expert team could help any biker to avoid making mistakes while contesting their conviction or fine.

Some of the benefits of Licence Defence include:

  • Up to £25,000 of cover for legal fees on any one claim.
  • Representation in court by specialist lawyers for a range of offences.
  • A specialist hotline available to you, operated by motoring law experts.
  • Advice and assistance when completing legal paperwork for your claim or charges.
  • Policy covers you as a rider, not just for your bike, so you're covered no matter what bike you're on.

For just £19.99 per year, the experts at Licence Defence will be on hand to steer you through any conviction or charge, and help with any paperwork and process. With years of specialist knowledge, Licence Defence's solicitors also can help you to identify any mitigating factors in your case, and represent you in court if needed to find the best solution to your situation.

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Contact Bikesure today to find out more about how Licence Defence could help you to contest speeding tickets and other motoring convictions. Call our team on 0800 369 8580 or click the callback button to arrange a time for us to call you.