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SYM Insurance

SYM Motorcycle Insurance designed for you

SYM (aka SanYang) were formerly part of Honda's operations in Taiwan (Republic of China), along with Kymco. They manufacture a wide range of scooters, bikes and ATV's based around Honda engine designs. Since 1954 the company has produced over 9 million scooters and motorcycles. SYM also owns a stake in India's Kinetic and has additional manufacturing plants in Vietnam and mainland China.

For SYM insurance, Bikesure are the true specialists. We have exclusive access to a range of specially designed schemes, designed just for SYM owners, and with great features including agreed value cover as standard.

SYM website:

Our cover also includes protection for modifications and customisations you might have made to your SYM, and the specially discounted rates take account of the extra care and safer riding you can demonstrated as an enthusiast. Our SYM motorbike insurance rewards the genuine enthusiast with real discounts. Experienced riders receive discount of up to 15% in addition to a 10% discount for members of SYM clubs .

These are some of the current and past SYM models available in the UK. If your model is not listed, don't panic, as we can offer cover for any road-legal bike, trike or quad, including grey import bikes and overseas models.


SYM Model Name Engine CC Fuel Gearbox Production Dates
SYM Aspire 125 125 Petrol Manual -1997
SYM Attila 125 125 Petrol Manual 1999-2000
SYM City Hopper 50 Petrol Automatic 1999-2001
SYM Dd 50 Sport 49 Petrol Automatic -2004
SYM Dd50 City Trek 1 49 Petrol Automatic -2001
SYM Euro Mx 125 124 Petrol Automatic -2004
SYM Fiddle 50 49 Petrol Manual -1999
SYM Fiddle 50 High Bar 49 Petrol Manual -2001
SYM Freespirit 125 125 Petrol Automatic -2000
SYM Hd Orbit 125 124 Petrol Automatic -2004
SYM Hd Orbit 180 171 Petrol Automatic -2004
SYM Huskey 124 Petrol Manual -1998
SYM Jet 100 100 Petrol Manual -2000
SYM Jet 50 49 Petrol Manual -1998
SYM Jet Euro X 100 100 Petrol Automatic -2004
SYM Jet Euro X 50 49 Petrol Automatic -2004
SYM Joyride 125 125 Petrol Automatic -2001
SYM Joyride 150 150 Petrol Manual -2002
SYM Joyride 180 180 Petrol Automatic -2002
SYM Jungle 50 49 Petrol Manual 1998-2000
SYM Lander 250 249 Petrol Manual -2005
SYM Mask 49 Petrol Manual -2000
SYM Megalo 125 125 Petrol Automatic -2000
SYM Mio 100 101 Petrol Automatic -2004
SYM MIO 50 49 Petrol Automatic -2004
SYM Orbit 200 171 Petrol Automatic -2004
SYM Red Devil 50 49 Petrol Manual -1999
SYM Shark 125 Petrol Manual -1999
SYM Shark 50 49 Petrol Manual -2000
SYM Speedeeta 100 Petrol Manual -1999
SYM SR 50 49 Petrol Manual 2000-2001
SYM Super Duke 125 124 Petrol Manual 1998-2000
SYM Super Fancy 50 49 Petrol Manual 1998-2000
SYM Track Runner 200 171 Petrol Manual -2005
SYM Voyager 125 125 Petrol Automatic -2005
SYM Voyager 125 124 Petrol Automatic -2005
SYM Voyager 180 180 Petrol Automatic -2005
SYM Voyager 250 250 Petrol Automatic -2005
SYM Voyager 250 250 Petrol Automatic -2005
SYM VS 125 125 Petrol Automatic -2006
SYM Wolf Classic 125 124 Petrol Manual -2004

SYM Motorcyle Insurance Specialists

Finding a reasonable bike insurance quote can sometimes be rather difficult.

Many motorcycle insurance companies don't cater to the exact needs of SYM owners and you can easily find yourself overcharged if you don't speak to a specialist.

SYM Insurance Features

Because our SYM motorcycle insurance is designed around you, you can select those policy options which will be most useful to you. All our policies come with £100,000 of legal expenses protection included, free, but you can also choose to add personal injury insurance, a comprehensive homestart breakdown policy and cheap helmet and leathers insurance.

You can get a SYM Insurance policy online, but we think you'll get a better deal if you speak to our staff, who are trained underwriters, and can use their extensive knowledge and experience to apply human common sense to your rate. And because your rate will be individually computed, they can save you money by deviating from the standard computerised rates.

As specialists in motorcycle insurance services, they will also answer your questions and are able to advise you on the best SYM bike insurance policy for you.

To speak to one of our classic motorbike insurance specialists, use the call back form during our office hours of 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday or 9am to 4pm Saturday.

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SYM motorbike insurance policy features:

  • Agreed value option
  • Riders with motoring convictions covered
  • Riders with criminal convictions covered
  • All modifications and customisations covered
  • Easy payment options including direct debit and credit card options
  • Full range of comprehensive SYM insurance, TPFT insurance and TPO insurance available
  • Optional breakdown cover
  • Optional personal injury cover
  • Optional cover for your helmet, leathers and protective clothing up to £1,000
  • Legal cover up to £100,000 included free of charge

SYM motorcycle insurance discounts:

  • Owners club discount
  • Limited mileage discounts
  • Security precautions
  • Keeping your bike in a garage
  • Experience of riding your bike.
  • Self-modified bikes
  • Multi Bike insurance discounts
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