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Specialist Impounded Motorcycle Insurance

Having your motorbike impounded can be a very expensive business; impound charges and police fines can add up to hundreds of pounds – and no one wants to be stung with higher insurance premiums on top of all that.

Whether your bike got towed because of parking issues, if you got caught riding without insurance, or if your bike was deemed not to be road legal – having your motorbike impounded can have a real knock-on effect. Even if the impounding wasn’t your fault, many insurers will react to the situation by charging much more money for your insurance premiums, adding insult to injury.

Since you will have to get insurance to leave the impound where your bike is held, you may feel that you have no option but to pay over the odds to get your precious motorcycle back. Even if you do have impounded motorbike insurance, any police conviction you receive afterwards could mean that some companies will continue to charge much higher rates in the future, and some may even refuse to cover you.

Luckily you don’t need to feel helpless and forced to make a difficult choice between the best protection for your bike and an affordable policy. As well as great value motorbike insurance for seized bikes and quads, we can also offer impounded scooter insurance, protecting your pride and joy, no matter what form it takes.

At Bikesure we prefer to do things a little differently, meaning that we choose not to refuse impounded motorcycle insurance for people who make one mistake, or hike up the premiums of bikers without checking their story first. We take care to ensure that everyone’s circumstances and motoring backgrounds are taken into account when we quote, helping you to avoid unfair premiums.

Affordable Insurance For Impounded Bikes

At Bikesure we work hard to help our customers find the best impounded motorbike insurance for them; a policy that offers the right cover at an affordable price - far from taking advantage of your situation. We put your circumstances and needs first, offering a fair and realistic quote for your impounded bike insurance.

Operating from Norfolk-based call centres, staffed by real people, not just a frustrating computer menu, you can get the very best service by getting in touch today. With decades of experience, and our position as part of the UK’s largest specialist insurance broker, we have the background to help you find insurance when others can’t or won’t.

To speak to someone about impounded bike insurance right now, call 0800 369 8580 or complete a callback form to arrange for us to ring you at a time convenient for you.

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The Benefits Of Impounded Motorbike Insurance

As well as reliable and trustworthy service, Bikesure prides itself on offering top quality policies – insurance that combines the perfect cover with a premium that you can afford.

Just some of the benefits and features of our impounded motorcycle insurance are:

  • From streetfighters to superbikes, quadbikes to bicycles, we can find cover for you to ride almost any bike of your choosing – we even offer impounded scooter insurance.
  • We offer cover for a wide range of modifications to your bike, both for performance and aesthetics, on a like-for-like basis.
  • Whether you’re young or old, inexperienced or a seasoned rider, Bikesure can help find cover for you, even if you have motoring convictions, or a criminal record. A massive range of discounts are available for all kinds of riders and bikes, from experienced rider bonuses to limited mileage policies and owners club memberships.
  • We offer a great variety of add-ons to each policy, including breakdown cover, helmet and leathers cover and much more.
  • With a UK-based call centre staffed by experienced insurance specialists, you can be confident of getting through to someone who knows exactly what they’re talking about each time you call.

For more information on any of our impounded bike insurance policies, and to get your free quote, call us on 0800 369 8580 or complete the Callback form for us to give you a ring

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Helping Convicted Riders get Cover

Case Study

“Bikesure didn't hold my past mistakes against me”

“I'd been struggling to get any cover for my bike because of a lengthy prison sentence I served for crimes I committed when I was young.

But I'm much older now and Bikesure took into account the length of time since the conviction and the rehabilitation work I've undertaken.”

“Bikesure took into account it was a simple mistake”

“I took my off-road bike out for a bit of fun with my mates. I thought we were on private land, but it turned out that section of the track was a public highway, so the police took my bike off me". 

Sample Quotes

Suzuki GSXR 1000

Paul is 40 and from the Dunkeld area (PH8). He was enjoying a ride out on a nice day when he was pulled over by the police for riding with no insurance. He had unfortunately forgotten to renew his insurance. Now the bike was impounded and he received an IN10 conviction along with 6 points and £200 fine. He was riding a 2006 Suzuki GSXR 1000 worth £4,000 at the time, has maximum no claims bonus and held a licence for over 10 years.

Paul's rate is just £199.44 for Comprehensive cover or only £131.30 for Third Party, Fire and Theft cover.

Kawasaki KLX 450R

Tom is 28 and from the Penrith area (CA10). He had his bike impounded by the police. He has a 2008 Kawasaki KLX 450R worth £3,000. He has a pending IN10 conviction and 0 no claims bonus. 

Tom's rate is only £283.45 for Comprehensive cover or £204.81 for Third Party, Fire and Theft cover

Honda CBF 600

Gary is 43 and from the Great Yarmouth area (NR31). He received a fine and community service order three years ago for a crime he committed, which has caused him some problems with getting insurance. He has just bought a 2003 model Honda CBF600 for £1,200, and wishes to use it to commute to work. He has a full category A licence, held for more than 20 years.

Gary's rate is just £263.91 for fully comprehensive cover, or only £192.39 for third party, fire and theft cover.

Yamaha YBR 125

Kieran is 31 and from Llandudno (LL30). As a result of crimes committed several years ago, he served two years in prison. He has now picked himself up, and has bought a Yamaha YBR 125 to help him get to and from his job. The bike is only worth £900, but Kieran is new to biking having passed his CBT in March 2013. He currently holds a provisional licence and does not have any no claims bonus to use.

Kieran's rate is just £336.86 for TPF&T cover, or a mere £271.62 for third party only.

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Gary (43), Great Yarmouth,
Honda CBF 600, TPF&T
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