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More than ever these days, people are looking to bicycles to take over from their cars, motorbikes and public transport. Quick, green and practically free to run, the market is bulging with thousands of makes and models of bike to cater to the daily commute, weekend bike rides and even just trips to the shops.

You could spend hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds buying and customising the perfect bike for your needs, and countless hours each week riding it - so why wouldn't you want to keep it as safe as possible?

With Bikesure's comprehensive bicycle insurance, which we call our Plus policy, you can have the peace of mind that you will be covered for the cost of replacing or repairing your bike after an accident. You will also be insured against the theft of your bike at home or away, so leaving your bicycle locked up at work or outside the shops won't be a concern. Additionally you are covered for third party liability and up to £10,000 of personal injury cover.

Comprehensive Cycle Insurance Features

Bikesure's comprehensive push bike insurance provides a range of benefits to ensure should anything happen, you're back on the road as quick as possible. Our Cycle Plus policy includes:

  • Theft cover for your bike wherever it is stored, including in a motor vehicle or bike rack, provided it is secured*
  • Accidental damage insurance for your bicycle, providing payment for the replacement or repair of bikes and components
  • If your bike is no longer in production and up to 10 years old it will either be repaired or replaced with a similar or equivalent spec bicycle if lost or damaged
  • If you built your bike yourself, or it's a composite or hybrid bike, payment will be made for each individual component
  • For bikes less than 12 months old, you will be paid the full cost of repair or replacement, and retail value for older bikes
  • You will even be covered if you use it for charity sportives
  • Whether you're at home or away, your bike will still be insured - perfect for commuting or cycling holidays within the UK
  • Personal injury insurance with up to £10,000 cover for injury or death resulting from your use of your bike for persons aged 16-85.
  • Excellent public liability included in your bicycle insurance covering you for any compensation owed due to claims brought against you for personal injury or property damage caused by yourself with your bicycle.
  • Cover for legal defence costs arising from any claims made against you following an accident involving your cycle.

Comprehensive bicycle insurance from Bikesure will keep you safe in the knowledge that should anything happen to your bike, you can get back on the road as soon as possible. Whether it's a brand new racer that you ride, or your faithful old commuter, following damage, loss or theft you will be covered for repairs or replacement of your bike.

Bikesure's policy offers repair or replacement of bikes less than 12 months old, the retail value of bikes older than one year old and exchange for a similar bike for those now out of production. Even if you built your bike yourself you can be covered - each individual component will be replaced individually, helping you get back your ideal bike, just how you want it.

As part of the UK's largest specialist insurance broker, Bikesure provides highly competitive comprehensive bicycle insurance, offering complete protection at bank balance-friendly prices. Utilising decades of insurance broking experience, Bikesure now offers customers across the UK and Northern Ireland bicycle insurance, using our knowledgeable and helpful staff to provide great service.

To find out more about our comprehensive bicycle insurance policies, call us today in our Norfolk-based offices on 0800 587 9740 or complete the callback form above. To get a free quote instantly, click the quote button below.

* For your theft cover to be valid you must secure your cycle with an appropriate, MLA approved (Sold Secure), lock. For details of requirements see the policy booklet.

Cycle Plus Key Features

  • Accidental damage cover provided on all make and models of bike
  • Repair or replacement costs covered, helping to get you back in the saddle and out on the road as soon as possible
  • Legal cover up to £100,000 included free with each comprehensive bicycle insurance policy
  • Theft cover at home or away, wherever in the UK you are, provided your bicycle is properly secured
  • Your bike will still be covered if stolen from a public place, like a town centre, or when locked to a car bike rack - ideal for holidays
  • Theft, vandalism and accidental damage cover available for using your bicycle at charity sportive events
  • Personal injury insurance with up to £10,000 cover for persons aged 16-85.
  • Third party public liability cover for personal injury or property damage caused by yourself with your bicycle.
  • Cover for legal defence costs following an accident involving your cycle.