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European motorbike tour


22 Mar 2021

10 best bikes for European touring holidays

Looking to buy a new motorcycle before your next big European road trip? Here we’ve rounded up our top picks for 2021.


22 Mar 2021

The lockdown roadmap for motorcyclists

While the UK is heading for normality on June 21, there are restrictions being lifted in the build up. Find out how you can use your motorcycle leading up to the big day.

Person riding their motorcycle


17 Mar 2021

What is ABS and how does it work?

We explore what ABS is, how it works, and how it can keep you safe while you’re riding your motorcycle.

buying your first motorbike


08 Mar 2021

YouTube star Username Kate becomes Bikesure brand ambassador

Kate Ralph, better known as Username Kate, tells the story of her rise to internet fame that has led to her becoming a brand ambassador for Bikesure.

Man walking in the snow with motorcycle in the background

Helmet, Leathers and Kit

04 Mar 2021

8 of the best winter motorcycle gloves

Here we do a roundup of some of the best winter motorcycle gloves to help you stay warm, dexterous and safe.