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first electric Harley-Davidson


09 Jan 2019

First electric Harley-Davidson is an EV with attitude

The first electric Harley-Davidson has hit the strip with its launch at the CES 2019 technology expo in Las Vegas. The electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire may be following the trend by going green but it raises the bar in terms of acceleration, cruising speed and battery life. Electric Harley-Davidson tops at 120mph The “twist-and-go” EV with… Read more »


19 Dec 2018

Your favourite Forever Bikes articles from 2018

Throughout 2018 we’ve continued to celebrate the owners who have kept the same motorcycle for 30 years or more. They’ve shared their stories about the memories, the rebuilds and the joys of owning a classic bike for so long on our Bikesure Forever Bikes blog. Here’s the five most read articles of 2018 – and… Read more »

motovlogging 2 jish


19 Dec 2018

Liking and subscribing: the Bikesure guide to motovlogging

Back in pre-internet days opportunities to listen to people talking about motorcycles was limited but  nowadays you only need log on to enter the word of motovlogging. Why motovlogging? What motivates people to watch videos of people driving their bikes? There’s a number of possible reasons; firstly, and the thing that makes people come back… Read more »

Zapp electric scooter


03 Dec 2018

Zapp electric scooter – new commuter bike ‘torque of the town’

A British start-up company based at Hethel in Norfolk, the home of Lotus, has thrown its skid-lid into the ring with a brand new commuter ride, the Zapp electric scooter. Pitched squarely at biking commuters, Zapp Chief Executive Swin Chatsuwan says there is simply nothing else available like it on the market. He said: “With… Read more »

Trailblazing women motorcyclists


22 Nov 2018

Celebrating Britain’s trailblazing women motorcyclists

When Ana Carrasco Gabarrón won the World Supersport 300 Championship earlier this year she became the one of the latest trailblazing women motorcyclists as the first ever woman to win a solo motorcycle road racing title. While women have been enthusiastic bikers ever since motorcycles were invented, they’ve had to push back against deeply ingrained… Read more »