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Kawasaki zxr400


24 Mar 2020

Best 400cc imports from Japan

Back in the nineties, the bikers of Britain were often found riding bikes made for the Japanese market. Exactly how did this happen, and what were the best bikes not officially sold here? Bikesure takes a freewheeling look at the world of grey imports. Please note that during the coronavirus outbreak, you should only be… Read more »

Yamaha MT 125


19 Mar 2020

12 of the best 125cc motorbikes

125cc bikes can be the perfect entry-level motorcycle for new riders, not least because you only need to have taken a compulsory basic training (CBT) course to ride them if you are a provisional licence holder. However, the bikes are enjoyed by both new and experienced riders, being easy to ride, appropriate for a range… Read more »


12 Mar 2020

Are electric scooters and motorbikes road legal in the UK?

Electric scooters and motorbikes are quickly gaining popularity, but what are the UK laws surrounding their use? In this blog, we’ll set the record straight so you can use your mode of transport without fear of repercussions. Electric scooters: are they road legal in the UK? While these quick little scooters are becoming popular with… Read more »

new biking season - lights


06 Mar 2020

8 tips for getting your ride ready for the new biking season

It’s been a long hard winter but now it’s time to brush off the cobwebs and get yourself and your motorbike ready for the new biking season. Most bikers will have their own checklist for prepping the bike before it comes out of winter hibernation. Just in case you don’t or you’re a first-timer, the… Read more »

electric motorcycle - newron


25 Feb 2020

12 companies leading the charge in electric motorcycle manufacturing

Welcome back to the future. Bikesure takes its latest dive into the state of electric motorcycles, looking at the best bikes currently available and some of the most intriguing ones coming soon. Harley-Davidson After many years of development Harley-Davidson finally released its first electric bike in 2019, the Livewire. Wasting no time, they are teasing… Read more »