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retro motorbikes

Retro Motorbikes

26 Jan 2022

The best retro motorbikes you can buy in 2022

Looking for a retro motorbike to suit your riding style? The Bikesure team assesses some of the best modern classic models to buy in 2022.



20 Jan 2022

What every motorcyclist needs to know about E10 petrol

Every biker should read this blog separating the fact from the fiction about E10 fuel and the damage it can do to your bike.

buying your first motorbike


04 Jan 2022

Five tips for selling your bike privately with UsernameKate

We challenged UsernameKate to name her top tips for selling your motorcycle privately.

true heroes


22 Dec 2021

Bikesure announces True Heroes Racing sponsorship

It’s going to be an exciting year for the British Superbike Championships and Bikesure is thrilled to be part of it. We’re proud to announce we’ll be sponsoring True Heroes Racing this year, a team of wounded, injured and sick UK service personnel.


21 Dec 2021

All the bikes featured in The Matrix films, including Resurrections

We explore all the bikes featured in The Matrix film franchise, including the ones in the newest movie, The Matrix Resurrections.