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Moto Guzzi


08 Feb 2021

Moto Guzzi — a century of Italian innovation

Moto Guzzi, the oldest European manufacturer in continuous motorcycle production, celebrates 100 years of world beating motorbikes this year.  Moto Guzzi is noted for its historic role in Italy’s motorcycling manufacture, its prominence worldwide in motorcycle racing, and industry innovations — including the first motorcycle centre stand, wind tunnel and eight-cylinder engine. Established in 1921… Read more »

Bike shown in storage with tools on the wall


04 Feb 2021

Taking your motorcycle out of long-term storage: the ultimate guide

If you’re just taking your motorcycle out of long-term storage, you might want to consider following our tips first to ensure it’s roadworthy.

Blood bikers


03 Feb 2021

Blood Bikers – the charity keeping Britain’s communities safe

In this blog, we speak to individuals from the motorcycle charity that quietly goes about saving lives: Blood Bikers.

short term


20 Jan 2021

How to borrow a bike and get short term bike insurance

There are all sorts of reasons that people ride motorcycles.

electric motorcycles

Electric Bikes

20 Jan 2021

The best electric motorbikes you can actually buy in 2021

Electric vehicles of all kinds have become a more regular sight in recent years, and electric motorbikes are no exception. With more affordable options appearing on the market, Bikesure takes a look at the latest lithium powered wonders out there for anyone considering abandoning the internal combustion engine. OK, there hasn’t been the huge breakthrough… Read more »