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bike MOT


27 Nov 2019

Everything you need to know to pass your bike MOT

Maybe you just get your first moped, or maybe you’ve been riding for years. Either way, your bike is going to need an MOT. Read our guide on what you need to know to pass Bike MOT If your motorcycle is between three and 40 years old, it must be presented for an annual MOT… Read more »


14 Nov 2019

How to Get a UK Motorcycle Licence

Can you ride a 125cc at 16? Do you need an A1 licence for a 50cc? Will you have to pass a theory test before getting on any bike? Motorcycle licences and the laws around riding on roads can be confusing. Knowing which motorcycle licence you need for different bikes largely depends on your age,… Read more »

Carl Fogarty


12 Nov 2019

Foggy – the life of a legend

King of the superbikes – and later of the jungle – Carl Fogarty dominated bike racing the 1990s with four world titles and a ruthless desire to win. On November 22 and 23 visitors to the Motorcycle Live show at the NEC in Birmingham will have the chance to meet the legend on the Bikesure… Read more »

Motorcycle Live 2018


07 Nov 2019

The Complete Guide to Motorcycle Tax

Motorcycle road tax The Roads and Finance Act 1920 was implemented in 1921 to finance the upkeep of Britain’s roads. For almost 100 years, Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), better known as road tax, has been a part of life for UK motorists. In an increasingly technological world, though, the tax disc has become redundant, and… Read more »

two-stroke engine


04 Nov 2019

Paul’s 1990s two-stroke engine addiction

There’s nothing on two wheels that delivers quite the same visceral thrills as a two-stroke engine. With a hit of power available every two strokes of the piston, they produce a much bigger bang for your buck than a four-stroke engine of the same displacement. It’s what made the 250cc two-strokes such formidable racing machines,… Read more »