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Motorcycle Live 2018


07 Nov 2019

The Complete Guide to Motorcycle Tax

Motorcycle road tax The Roads and Finance Act 1920 was implemented in 1921 to finance the upkeep of Britain’s roads. For almost 100 years, Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), better known as road tax, has been a part of life for UK motorists. In an increasingly technological world, though, the tax disc has become redundant, and… Read more »

two-stroke engine


04 Nov 2019

Paul’s 1990s two-stroke engine addiction

There’s nothing on two wheels that delivers quite the same visceral thrills as a two-stroke engine. With a hit of power available every two strokes of the piston, they produce a much bigger bang for your buck than a four-stroke engine of the same displacement. It’s what made the 250cc two-strokes such formidable racing machines,… Read more »

intercoms for motorcycles


25 Oct 2019

Hear and now: the best headphones and intercoms for motorcycles

A good pair of headphones can really add to the experience of biking, but the choice can be bewildering. Join Bikesure as we take a trip through the wonderful world of portable audio and discover the best setup for bikers. While a pair of standard headphones can probably do at a pinch, they’re not usually… Read more »

1990s motorcycles


21 Oct 2019

The best motorcycles of the 1990s

The 1990s can often be overlooked as one of the most influential decades in the motorcycle industry, but it gave birth to some of the coolest looking bikes of all-time.  That’s why this year at Motorcycle Live we’re going to be paying tribute to some of the most iconic machines of the 90s.  Motorcycle Live… Read more »

safe biking in the dark


21 Oct 2019

Nine tips for staying safe biking in the dark this winter

Torrential rain, gales, winter’s chill. The seasons have definitely changed and with the change comes a whole host of challenges for those who need, or want, to ride their bikes at night and in the dark. And with the clocks set to go back on Sunday, October 27, meaning we lose an hour of daylight,… Read more »