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laid-up motorbike


16 Dec 2020

Laid-up motorbike? 10 tips to keep your bike safe this winter

Lockdowns, working from home, lack of daylight and poor weather could mean you will have a laid-up motorbike for even longer than usual this winter. Ever at hand and ready to share their expertise on all things biking, the Bikesure team offer some timely advice for keeping everything safe for your laid-up motorbike.  1. Keep… Read more »


15 Dec 2020

An insider’s guide to Mod lifestyle and culture

These days, the Mod look is as popular as ever. In most large towns you can find shops and boutiques dedicated to the style. Based in Norwich, Mod One is a shop well known in the East Anglian scene and offers the quality and look that you would expect from such an image conscious sub-culture…. Read more »



09 Dec 2020

Is Novus the Tesla of motorcycles?

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, but Novus are the forward thinking manufacturer you may never have heard of. The German start-up have unveiled their first electric motorcycle, which is undeniably cool, but at the cost of nearly €50,000, the brand have set their stall to be the Tesla of the motorcycle world,… Read more »

new bikers


08 Dec 2020

The golden rules of the road to help keep new bikers safe

There is always something to learn when you ride a motorbike but there are some golden rules of the road that new bikers should remember before setting out on their bike.  Here, the free-wheeling team at Bikesure, the specialist motorcycle insurance company, provide their 10 golden rules of the road. 10 tips to keep new… Read more »


04 Dec 2020

Motorcycling in winter: what you need to know

If you’re planning on riding your motorcycle or scooter over the winter months, then you’ll be preparing to deal with some challenging driving conditions. Bikesure has put together some top tips for making winter riding safer and easier as well as a guide to the best bikes for new riders facing their first winter on… Read more »